10 August 2023

Generative Art Platform Fxhash Secures $5M in Seed Funding Round Led by 1kx

The Seed Round Fxhash, the groundbreaking generative art platform and marketplace, has successfully closed an oversubscribed $5 million seed fundraising round. Spearheading this investment initiative was 1kx, an early-stage crypto-focused venture capital firm renowned for its strategic ecosystem growth investments. Founded in 2021, Fxhash has emerged as the...

Tezos’ First Real-Time Strategy Gaming Platform ‘Tezotopia’ Combines NFTs With Yield Farming Economics

The first real-time strategy gaming platform on Tezos called ‘Tezotopia’ is to combine NFTs with yield farming economics.


Tezotopia is a Tezos-based Real-Time Strategy (RTS) gaming platform that allows players to acquire land, items and resource utilities. All the items in the game, including the blocks of land, are registered on the Tezos blockchain as NFTs.

Once you’ve acquired land and certain utilities, you start producing resources. These resources can be used to build more items and utilities, or they can be traded.

There is also an option that players can opt in on, that allows you to start wars and battles.

Tezotopia is developed by Gif.Games,  a developers team that combines NFT’s and dApps to make fun and interactive worlds where users can collect, earn, and build new virtual worlds.

Gif.Games started out building microgames on Ethereum and decided to continue building on Tezos instead. They considered an Ethereum layer 2, but were attracted to Tezos because of the community, early growth, and current upward momentum.

“Jump in early when things are starting to spring up.”

Presale of territory

Before the functional Tezotopia dApp launches, there will be a presale of 301 NFT blocks of land. These blocks will be auctioned at Kalamint in a Dutch style auction.

This means that the price starts high and will be lowered automatically until someone will buy the auctioned block. So once you bid, you buy. The longer you wait, the lower the price. But waiting will also increase the risk that someone else will buy the block instead.

The first block will be auctioned on May the 4th at 10am ET. The price will start at 100,000 XTZ and will drop a full 1,000 XTZ per hour.

“The price will drop each hour by 1,000 Tezos for nine hours each day until it reaches a price of 1,000 XTZ.” The minimum price for genesis block will be 1,000 XTZ.

Once the price has dropped to this level, it will remain unsold until someone acquires it for that price. 

“Once the price discovery of the Genesis Block is finished, and Block 00 has been acquired, 3 blocks will be minted each day until there are 301 Tezotops in existence.”

The blocks are called Tezotops and each of the first 301 Tezotops will come with different attributes and characteristics added. When the full functional dApp launches, these properties will enable the owner to produce unique assets.

This, including what else the user chooses to build on his, or her Tezotop, will give value to the Tezotop. The first block to be sold will be the Genesis block.

The first blocks will come with the most attributes, which means that:

“early blocks closest to the Genesis Block will be the most attribute rich and valuable of territories. These initial blocks will be the richest in “natural” virtual resources, allowing early adopters to maximize profits as they develop assets on their territory.” 


The 301 blocks that are auctioned are only the beginning of the land. Players will also be able to buy more blocks later. Once acquired, you can start building on your land and add attributes with a variety of functions. Early adopters are expected to get the sweeter deals though.

“Tezotopia Dapp will allow people to acquire land, build buildings, resource mines, different assets that will produce more Energy stores to create more buildings.

The idea is to create an ongoing Real Time Strategy (RTS) game that’s built as a dapp and utilizes NFT’s to acquire the items that form the game. There will be a Tezotopia Governance Token to vote for Tezotopian proposals. XTZ will be used to buy items and land.”

As you might have noticed now, Tezotopia is not just a fun game, there are interesting financial incentives involved that could make this game worth your time.

Acquire land and utilities that produce resources with value for the game is basically like a form of yield farming with an attractive user interface. Buy a utility that produces value, and then use that value to buy more of that utility to produce more value.

To enable trading of game assets, there will be a marketplace built on the platform.

Competitive factor

Besides building an empire, players can also opt in to participate in more serious game play. Players can choose to form alliances and go to war. In these battles, players can even conquer (or lose) Tezotops and other items.

This means that these could be high stake games. More details about this gameplay will follow later.

It is however only possible to lose Tezotops and other items if you choose to opt in on the wars. You can also choose to stay neutral and just collect and trade territory, build on your world and sell resources or assets.

More will be announced about the gameplay and possibilities later.


The game will have a governance token. Initially that would be the $TQLA token, which would have been launched this month. But that got postponed. At launch another governance token will be introduced. 

This will be used to make decisions about the game and certain rules. The current amount of Tezotop blocks is uncapped for example. That could be changed through governance.

NFT Collectibles

There are also some NFT collectible characters being released by Gif.Games on Kalamint:

Although right now these are just ‘NFT Collectibles’, it is expected at some point they will be connected to the game.

“Right now just artwork but if that same wallet that holds one of these collectibles connects their wallet to the dapp when it launches, they shouldn’t be surprised if they have a gift waiting for them.

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