SignaVerse: The Entertainment Capital Of The Metaverse Is Being Built On Tezos

by | Sep 9, 2022 | Adoption, Latest, NFTs

SignaVerse aims to become the entertainment capital of the metaverse, the virtual Vegas of Web3. 

In this project, Gif.Games are collaborating with Las Vegas entrepreneur Gavin Maloof.


SignaVerse is a project by Gif.Games. We know Gif.Games from the successful Real-Time Strategy gaming platform Tezotopia and the highly anticipated Tradable Card Game Matterlight.  

Currently Gif.Games is running a 5-week Tezotopia tournament in cooperation with Block Born.

Block Born is a launchpad for the Tezos gaming ecosystem and builds tools to grow gaming on Tezos.

Gamers can compete for a total of $10,000 USD in prizes or bounties and leaderboard competitions. Prizes can be won by playing Tezotopia Battles.


SignaVerse aims to become the entertainment capital of the metaverse, the virtual Vegas of Web3. In this project, Gif.Games is collaborating with Las Vegas entrepreneur Gavin Maloof.

Maloof’s family owned multiple casino businesses in Vegas. Maloof and his brother Joe operated the NBA’s Sacramento Kings franchise from 1998 until 2013.

The digital world of Metzopia will incorporate clubs, casinos, events, shows, and exclusive NFT drops into a metaverse playland. Visitors can come for a visit, buy a penthouse for permanent residence, or become the entertainment themselves.

You’ll be able to own land, buildings and participate in a full digital economy that is about to be deployed. Games, stores, experiences, all tied together through a community, Metaverse currencies and Tezos-based NFTs. 

“A metaverse where curated experiences and player-designed regions exist, where immersive NFTs come to life and the internet comes alive in a virtual landscape.

This is the Entertainment Capital of the Metaverse where memorable moments can be experienced and captured as digital momentos.

An engaged audience participating in the economy of one game is the champion of all games within SignaVerse.”

GameFi SDK

Growth happens in the most efficient manner, if others can participate and contribute in a simple way.

For that a set of tools for third-party developers to be able to deploy smart contracts conveniently and safe is developed: a GameFi SDK.

“Introducing mApp SDK, a meta app tooling kit that allows third party developers to plug right into Web3 tools such as in-game stores, tokenization, NFT marketplaces—all the ingredients needed to convert your game into a blockchain mega hit!

Secure and reliable smart contracts hold the whole thing together.

No need for prior knowledge of writing your own smart contracts when you can use ours. Plug directly into our ecosystem and take advantage of the digital economy already in place.” 

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