NFT Battle Game Chainborn Is Live On Tezos Mainnet

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In Chainborn you can use your own NFTs to fight battles against other Chainborn heroes to win loot (tez), more NFTs, and ultimately achieve realm glory.


Fight other heroes and increase your position within the Chainborn realm.

Your Chainborn avatar can be any NFT that you already own, as long as it is from one of the NFT collections that Chainborn supports.

This means that in Chainborn you can use your own NFTs to fight battles against other Chainborn heroes to win loot (tez), more NFTs, and ultimately achieve realm glory.

Battling increases your experience points (XP) and allows you to increase your strength.

These stats are connected to the original NFT that you picked and add extra utility and history to your NFT.

The game starts by summoning your hero. After you have done that, you can choose an NFT from your personal collection which will be your avatar. This NFT will now forever be a Chainborn hero.

This basically means that if the current, or any future owner, connects his or her wallet to the Chainborn game, it will show up as a hero with game history and a certain level of XP already unlocked. 

“If a ChainBorn Hero NFT changes owner outside the game, the ChainBorn Hero also changes owner. The Hero follows the NFT!! This means you can increase the value of your NFT by having a strong ChainBorn Hero character attached to it!”

Summoning a hero currently costs 10 XTZ. Once you have summoned your hero, you can start battling other heroes.

Battles are won randomly through algorithms that will determine in several turns, which player’s health goes to zero first.

An attack action generates a random number within the parameters of the attacking Hero’s strength (between zero and Hero’s strength).

This number is then deducted from the other party’s health. Heros take turns until one of the Hero’s health reaches zero or less. Once this happens, the battle is finished. 

Battles are played for “loot”. Winner takes all (minus a 10% platform fee). The loot is an amount in XTZ, provided by both players. You can play for a minimum of 3 XTZ per player.

There is also an additional option to battle for loot and your Hero (NFTs), so if you opt for this loot option bear in mind that you risk losing your NFT.

Fighting battles earn both players experience points (XP). The amount of XP to be gained is calculated from the battle-loot. The more loot, the more experience a Hero can gain (within min/max parameters).

Both players share the amount of XP that is won in a battle, but XP points can not be divided in half.

In case of an odd number of XP points are rewarded, the winner gets the remaining point (so if only 1 point is earned, the winner gets 1 and the loser 0).

The Heroes can then decide whether to spend these experience points on “Strength” or “Health” in preparation for their next battle.

Increased Health will make them able to withstand more attacks.

Increased Strength will allow for a larger range of damage for attacks.

The game is created by 3 known developers from within the Tezos ecosystem: Asbjørn Enge, Eduard Castellano and Sarin Eskandarian.

Asbjørn Enge is the founder of Chainborn and also creator of TezID.

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