Bloometa – The Evolution Of Games On Tezos Public Beta: Early November

by | Oct 9, 2022 | Adoption, Games, Latest, NFTs

The private Bloometa beta will close its doors at the end of Sunday the 9th of October.

The public beta release is scheduled for the first week of November.


Started in January 2021, Bloometa sought to change the way GameFi products were traded.

Born from an idea that the market was fragmented and that research was scarce, the vision is to unite all aspects surrounding discovery and trading for metaverse and web3 gaming projects.
At its center, Bloometa is a gaming-exclusive multi-chain aggregator that allows users to find the best deals and products across every single marketplace available on a blockchain.

The platform allows users to discover and learn about games but also utilize key data analytic dashboards to enhance their trading strategies. 

Trying to become the one-stop shop for all of web3 gaming is no small feat, as twists and turns inevitably come during the development of the project.

On the 4th of October however, Bloometa released private beta access to a handpicked 100 testers.

In this beta, all Tezos gaming assets were aggregated from OBJKT in addition to the in-game marketplace of Dogami.

Users could discover all the games on Tezos that have NFT assets and even list and buy on the different marketplaces.
With the multiple partnerships Bloometa has built (such as Tezotopia, Pigs at war, Tezotrooperz to name a few) they will continue to aggregate each and every in-game marketplace of these games to truly offer the maximum amount of assets to the public. 

The private Bloometa beta will close its doors at the end of Sunday the 9th of October in order to let the team finalize the implementations of new marketplaces and integrate new features after overwhelming feedback from the community.

The public release is scheduled for the first week of November, so mark that date on your calendar.

“We are extremely proud and humbled of our first public reveal of our platform. After working in the dark for months, it brings us great joy users could finally try out, to an extent, our solution.

This is just the start and there is so much more to build, but till then, to all our testers and future users, we hope to live up to your expectations ! From one gamer to another GL and HF “

– Alexandre CCO and Co-Founder

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