Blockxer: A ‘Beat ’em up’ Game On Tezos

by | Sep 25, 2022 | Adoption, Games, Latest, NFTs

Blockxer is a beat ’em up game, but everything will be an NFT on Tezos. From the character you play, to the backdrop, to the weapons you pick up during the game.

The game is currently in Beta and players can claim a free cartridge NFT to play the demo version of the game.


Beat ’em up games are games where your character needs to fight a continuous amount of enemies by punching, kicking and blocking. During the game, items can be picked up and used as weapons.

These games usually take place in a 2D environment where your character walks from left to right and encounters enemies until he runs into a final boss which is hardest to defeat. 

Blockxer is just that, but everything will be an NFT. From the character you play, to the backdrop, to the weapons you pick up during the game.

Community interaction is envisioned to play a big part in the game and thus the players will be allowed to create future levels, characters, weapons and more. 

Gameplay is fast-paced and retro in style, with the added benefit of well-known memes forming the character base. In terms of action and backdrop old-school gamers will draw comparisons to ‘Streets Of Rage’ on the SEGA Mega Drive.

There is a low-barrier to entry and users can pick up the game very quickly with a few basic keyboard commands, which are highlighted in the instructions shown at the bottom of the screen.

Blockxer is developed by Blokhaus  which is a marketing firm that has brought companies like Evian, Redbull Racing, Manchester United, McLaren F1, Papa Johns, The NY Mets and GAP to the Tezos Blockchain. 

Blockxer has been marketed on the Brave internet browsers home page.

Blockxer is currently in Beta phase and you can claim a free ‘cartridge’ NFT and play the demo version of the game. So check it out, ram those z, x and c buttons and Beat ’em up.

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