Zancan Known For Lushtemples, Garden Monoliths, And Bugged Forests Breaks Tezos NFT Records As Total Tez Collected Rises Above 900,000

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Zancan has broken NFT records with the highest-ever Tezos-valued NFT sold for 83,000 tez, but also with the total amount sold to collectors breaking 900,000 tez.


Zancan is a French former oil painter, programmer who has a deep-rooted love for plants, trees and all things botanical.

He is well-known for generative art minted on the Tezos-based art platform fx(hash).

A full article on Zancan’s art and how some of it is produced can be found here and is well worth a read.

Zancan has now broken NFT records with the highest-ever Tezos-valued NFT sold for 83,000 tez, but also with the total amount sold to collectors breaking 900,000 tez.

The highest-ever tez-based NFT sale came with the sale of ‘Lushtemples — Highlights of the Hike‘, which sold for 83,000 tez 30 days ago.

This 83,000 tez sale amounted to $153,332 USD and was sold by well-known Tezos NFT collector Pronoia, after he had originally purchased it for 1,200 tez in December 2021. This represents a 6,816% appreciation in tez for the Lushtemples NFT.

This topped the previous XCOPY tez record with the sale of REACHBACK for 82,500 tez.

The ghost Tezzard purchase on the 6th September 2021 still holds the record for the highest USD sale at $163,683 due to the higher price of XTZ at the time.

According to the, the stats, analysis and general NFT tools website, Zancan’s address has sold over 900,000 in total collected (as defined by the total of tez collected by collectors, excluding royalties and fees).

Within this, Zancan has a total artist collection rate of 471,400 tez (as defined by total of tez collected by artist, including royalties and excluding fees). 

It should be noted however that: “For FXHASH, only primary market sales are included and gains are an estimate, against the last sale price of each token (real gain can differ if artist changed price during the sale)”.

With this in mind and with large-scale Zancan fx(hash) sales, this figure could be much higher.

When looking at the last 30 sales on, Zancan has dominated the highest dominated NFTs with both the Lushtemples and Garden Monoliths series.

These NFTs were originally minted on a diverse set of different platforms including Hicetnunc/teia, fx(hash) and C-VERSO.

Buying a Zancan is quite a unique experience, not only because buyer will obtain prestigious one-of-a-kind art, but also because there is a physical print shop linked to his collections.

Some NFTs (including the record breaker mentioned in this article) also come with a physical print available for the first owner.  

The Zancan print shop can be found here.

Zancan NFT owners can sync their Tezos wallets to create physical collections in 300 dpi definition and hand-signed by Zancan himself.

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