10 August 2023

Generative Art Platform Fxhash Secures $5M in Seed Funding Round Led by 1kx

The Seed Round Fxhash, the groundbreaking generative art platform and marketplace, has successfully closed an oversubscribed $5 million seed fundraising round. Spearheading this investment initiative was 1kx, an early-stage crypto-focused venture capital firm renowned for its strategic ecosystem growth investments. Founded in 2021, Fxhash has emerged as the...

Trading Card Game Emergents Is Launching Next Month

After years of development, extensive testing, and continuous feedback from a large community of testers, Trading Card Game Emergents is launching next month!
Brian David-Marshall announced in the latest TezTalks Live show (#55) that Emergents will launch the live ops game in February and that new cards will be for sale on a regular basis.

Emergents Launch

After years of development, extensive testing, and continuous feedback from a large community of testers, Trading Card Game Emergents is launching next month!

Brian David-Marshall announced in the latest TezTalks Live show (#55) that Emergents will launch the live ops game in February and that new cards will be for sale on a regular basis.

Emergents is a Trading Card Game (TCG) that aims to compete with current popular Trading Card Games such as Magic The Gathering and Hearthstone which are played by millions of fans worldwide. 

The Emergents TCG team consists of TCG all-starts, hall-of-famers, and developers. Also included are writers and creators of Marvel Comics and organizers of TCG tournaments.

Their main goal is to build a fantastic game that they are excited about to play as gamers. 

Emergents will be a game that never stops evolving. New cards will enter the ecosystem on a regular basis.

This will allow for a constant reinvention of strategies through the regular introduction of these new cards with new properties and features. 

Most of these cards can be played for free. But an additional yet important feature is the fact that Emergents taps into the wide possibilities of the application of NFTs in TCGs. 

Trading Card Games attract both basic players and collectors. NFTs allow for a smooth and extensive collectors experience with your achievements as a player are stored on your playing cards.

This only applies to the players that play with NFT cards. Additionally, through 

quests, achievements can be registered which unlock cosmetic features that increase rarity.

Gaming economy

One of the drawbacks from traditional physical TCGs is the fact that buying cards, but even more so, selling cards can be a hassle and occasionally close to impossible.

NFTs allow for ownership of digital cards and allow for a 24/7 worldwide trading market. NFT marketplaces have been evolving for years and allow owners worldwide to trade their NFTs securely with the click of a button.

This increases the reach of a game economy enormously. NFTs also allow you to store your cards securely in your digital vault through (hardware)wallets. Emergents TCG will utilize the Tezos blockchain for their NFT cards. The NFT cards will be limited editions.

Emergents does not stop there. Emergents has developed a (for TCGs) unique secondary market bonding curve.

This means that, similarly to what we currently see on ArtDEX, you can trade your NFTs at any time and you don’t need to wait for a buyer.

Through an algorithm, the price of cards is set lower after a card is sold, and set higher after a card is bought.

This mimics the market of supply and demand in a secure and trustless manner, while at the same time enabling anyone to buy and sell Emergents TCG NFT cards 24/7.

The cosmetic features are not included in the bonding curve pricing of the marketplace though.

These rare cards will be sold on auctions or by listing them for a specific price. 

Quests and increasing the rarity of your cards

NFTs have another advantage over physical cards. All the moves and history of the card when used in the game can be stored on the blockchain.

This opens up possibilities for quests that unlock achievements.

Specific actions that are made with these cards during gameplay, are registered and stored on the Tezos blockchain.

When a certain amount of these actions have been accumulated, quests are fulfilled and you will eventually unlock new art and cosmetic upgrades for that card. Think about logos, card frames and most importantly: alternate art.

This allows you to increase the rarity of your cards and to show off your achievements with alternative cards.

The quests will be fairly time intensive to fulfill and thus these cards will be quite rare on top of the fact that the NFT cards are limited in editions in the first place.

Marketing push

Up until now, Emergents has been marketed mostly within the Tezos community. But now Brian announced a “full fletched marketing push”.

Aiming at comic book fans and trading card game fans, We want to show it off to as many people as possible”.

Emergents TCG is preceded by several comic book series that introduce characters that are part of the game.

You can read and buy these comic books at Interpop Comics

The coming marketing push will be deployed through social media, influencers, streamers, organized play programs, demonstrate strategies and more. Tournaments will be a part of both the marketing program and the increasement of players interaction.

On-chain activity 

The quests activity will constantly be registered on the Tezos blockchain. It’s important to understand that all players that own NFT cards and play the game, participate in the quests automatically.

The quests per card are not yet definitively announced, but as a hypothetical example: every time Bookworm scouts a card, then this event is registered on the Tezos blockchain.

Once a certain amount of those moves is reached, a quest is fulfilled and an achievement is unlocked for that specific card. For every card, this type of data is then stored on-chain on the Tezos blockchain. 

As Brian explains during the TezTalks interview:

That’s a lot of on-chain activity. And there are some ecosystems [blockchains] that could never support that. And it would just be prohibitive financially to have that sort of activity.

It would become prohibitive for us to do that. […] The fact that the speed of the [Tezos] network is constantly increasing [through regular decentralized Tezos protocol upgrades] and increasing at such a rapid rate is so exciting, and opens up so many possibilities for the game.

The entire Tezos ecosystem is just so innovative and exciting.

It’s an amazing place to be building a game right now and I just don’t think we could build the game anywhere else.” 

On topic of usability, tools and dApps that Tezos has to offer currently Brian explains:

“If you are looking to build a project and if you are looking to attract non-blockchain people, for it to be the place where people actually own their music, actually own their digital art, actually own their digital comic books, we need people to come in.

And something like Kukai wallet is just such a smooth experience that someone that is not familiar with blockchain can use in a secure way and can easily get pulled in [to the ecosystem].

And if they don’t want to, they can still have these almost more traditional web2 experiences without having to go fully into all the other cool aspects.

But I expect that if we get people in, that we see people into crypto experience. And I think that the tools that the Tezos ecosystem offers are just absolutely phenomenal. We need millions if not billions of people to get into this space.

Play Emergents now

 The public Beta is currently live here

This allows anyone to play the beta version of the game at this very moment.

Learn the main principles of the game, learn how to build your deck and get ready for February.

Get started today, Emergents TCG is simple to learn, but will take a lifetime to master.

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