The Grammy Awards Strikes A Multi-Year NFT Partnership With Tezos-Based NFT Platform OneOf

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The Recording Academy has struck a multi-year deal with music NFT platform OneOf for digital collectibles and experiences celebrating Grammy winners and nominees.

The Grammys Partner With OneOf

As announced today, OneOf will be the official NFT partner of the Grammy Awards for the next three years. This will bring NFT collectibles to the Grammy Awards, and they will be registered on the Tezos blockchain. 

The Grammy Awards has an audience of about 30 million per year and is considered one of the four major annual American entertainment awards, along with the Academy Awards (for film achievements), the Emmy Awards (for television achievements), and the Tony Awards (for theater and Broadway achievements). 

Details on the collection, which will include digital collectibles and experiences celebrating Grammy winners and nominees, will be unveiled in January. The Recording Academy says a portion of the proceeds from the NFT sales will go to its scholarship fund.

The Academy cited the sustainable approach OneOf has pursued with its NFTs by building on the energy-efficient Tezos blockchain.

The Grammy Awards will release NFTs on Tezos for the 64th, 65th, and 66th Annual Grammy Awards. This groundbreaking partnership for OneOf will build on previous partnerships with the iHeartRadio Music Festival as its official collectibles partner.

Notable artists including Doja Cat and The Game have released NFTs on the platform, with Alesso, Charlie Puth, H.E.R., and Jacob Collier have also signed on to release NFTs through OneOf.

“In considering a NFT partner, we were committed to working with a like-minded organization that had an artist-first approach and we have undoubtedly found that in OneOf.

As an Academy, we are always looking for ways to help artists discover new forms of creative expression, while also creating new ways of income generation and ways for fans to interact with the artists that they love.

OneOf shares that vision, and we are proud to work with a sustainable NFT company.” – said Panos A. Panay, Co-President of the Recording Academy

OneOf is an environmentally friendly NFT platform designed specifically with the music industry in mind. The platform doesn’t charge its artist and creator partners any minting fees to create NFTs and, by building on Tezos, it uses 2 million times less energy than blockchain networks like Ethereum. 

“If used to their full potential, NFTs will empower the music industry in a way few other technologies ever have. It is our great honor to work with this prestigious organization to help shepherd this bright future to the industry.” – said Lin Dai, Co-Founder of OneOf 


OneOf is a Tezos-based music platform that utilizes NFTs to enable fans and collectors to obtain music and art created by their favorite artists. At launch, the platform offered 1,000,000 free NFTs that could be collected by new users. 

Since launch, the platform has had several successful drops by music stars like Doja Cat who sold a “One Of” 1/1 NFT for $188,888 USD.

Rap star The Game has a drop ongoing currently, DJ Alesso is in the process of a running NFT series from which the final “OneOf” token will be revealed at Dreamverse on November 4th, presented by Metapurse. 

And the Chief Keef X ColourfulMula NFT drop will launch a generative series from which has kicked off with a presale of 444 NFT’s that sold out in 37 seconds

The Five Levels Of Rarity In The One Of Platform:

– OneOf: The ultra-rare, bid-only tier which contains just 1 edition of an artist’s most exclusive NFT. This tier often includes once-in-a-lifetime experiences with the artist, unreleased music, VIP concert tickets, and more.

– Diamond: This extremely limited tier, often containing 25 or fewer editions, featuring exclusive content, rare interviews or performances, VIP concert tickets, and more. Editions could be available for purchase or bidding, depending on the drop.

– Platinum: This limited edition tier often contains less than 1,000 editions, priced affordably and purchasable via credit or debit cards, and often includes very limited assets and rare content. Select editions may include concert tickets, experiential opportunities, and more.

– Gold: An accessible tier that still features limited editions. Gold tier NFTs allow everyday music fans the opportunity to engage with and own a piece from their favorite artist’s collections.

This tier could have anywhere from thousands to tens of thousands of editions, available for under $100 and purchasable via credit or debit cards.

– Green: The most accessible tier that allows everyday fans to receive an NFT for FREE by taking an action to improve the community, or through making a donation to a top charitable cause.

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