Tezos In 2021: A Year Of Adoption And Growth

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In this article, Allen Walters reviews Tezos in 2021 and summarizes the big events that saw key metric growth rise exponentially and adoption span across multiple industries and sectors.

Image courtesy of the Tezos.com Illustration Library.

Tezos In 2021

The Tezos ecosystem has shown a LOT of growth and adoption this year.

The total transaction volume has grown a lot to 8.9 million this month. https://tzstats.com/ (Which is 23 % of Ethereum’s transaction volume this month which hit 38 million transactions in December). https://etherscan.io/chart/tx 

If we look at user interaction with smart contracts, we see an enormous increase in 2021. To measure this growth we look at contract calls, which are specific transactions that indicate an interaction with a smart contract. From 0.15 million mainnet transaction calls in January, to 5.5 million mainnet transaction calls in December. https://better-call.dev/stats/mainnet/general 

The growth has been exponential and almost every month a new high was set. The activity can be traced back to a diverse amount of use-cases. 

A 2021 summary

Household names have started building on Tezos : Ubisoft, Red Bull, McLaren, The Grammy Awards, Groupe Casino, Two Swiss cities, Two French cities, Whitney Houston, Doja Cat, Mike Shinoda (Linkin Park), Cambridge University, The Catholic Church, UN Migration Agency, The Whitworth Museum, Cushman & Wakefield, Deloitte, Société Générale, Norwegian Red Cross, Save the Children, United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), and more.

NFTs have shown to be a large factor in activity this year. This year we had 33 million contract calls on mainnet, 24.5 million transactions on mainnet were NFT related. Even the Roman Catholic Church launched an NFT on Tezos.

The list of dApp launches and real-life use-cases this year is diverse:

16 NFT platforms, 15 NFT gaming platforms, 7 DEXes, 18 DeFi applications, 3 native oracles, and real-world applications like voting solutions launched by authorities in France, Loyalty programs, Digital identity solutions, distributing of Covid relief funds in Swiss, a Hotel Booking Platform, an Asset Value Pricing Solution, Banking services integrating Tezos (STO’s and more), Intellectual Property Solutions, Marketplaces, Decentralized Carbon Credit Marketplace and others.

Protocol upgrades

Tezos on-chain governance mechanism continues to prove itself to be a valuable and unique tool to ensure decentralized core protocol upgrading 

Other stats

The Tezos blockchain currently has 1,885,683 funded accounts and 100,127 active delegators. 73.57 % of the XTZ circulating supply is actively staked. 

NFT platforms

– FX(Hash) https://www.fxhash.xyz/ 

– HicEtNunc (H=N) https://hicetnunc.art/ 

– Arago (Curated Photography) announced https://arago.studio/%20 

– Sweet NFT https://sweet.io/ 

– Kumulus project https://www.kumulus-project.com/ 

– ByteBlock https://byteblock.art/ 

– OBJKT.com https://objkt.com/  

– Kalamint https://kalamint.io/ 

– Tezonians (Collection) https://tezonians.space/ 

– Truesy https://www.truesy.com/ 

– Bazaar NFT https://bazaarnft.xyz/ 

– TZColors https://www.tzcolors.io/ 

– Rarible (Cross chain) https://rarible.com/ 

– FX Hash https://www.fxhash.xyz/ 

– AkaSwap https://akaswap.com/ 

– AmplifyX https://amplifyx.com/ 


– QuipuSwap https://quipuswap.com/swap 

– FlameDex https://app.flamedex.io/%20 

– AlienDex https://aliens.farm/ 

– SpicySwap https://spicyswap.xyz/#/app 

– Vortex https://app.smartlink.so/vortex/swap 

– PlentySwap https://www.plentydefi.com/ 

– Atomex (Atomic Swap) https://atomex.me/ 


– Youves https://app.youves.com/ 

– Kickflow https://kickflow.io/ 

– Kolibri Finance https://kolibri.finance/ 

– Instaraise https://www.instaraise.io/ 

– Rocket Launchpad https://rocketlaunchpad.io/ 

– Smartlink https://www.smartlink.so/escrow-smart-contract/ 

– Crunchy https://app.crunchy.network/#/ 

– Hera Network https://heranetwork.co/ 

– SalsoDAO https://salsadao.xyz/ 

– Plenty DeFi https://www.plentydefi.com/ 

– Shuttle.One (Cross-chain) https://shuttleone.network/2021/ 

– USDtz (Stablecoin) https://usdtz.com/ 

– Tezex https://tezex.io/eth_to_ethtz 

– Wrap Protocol (ERC20 wrapper) https://app.tzwrap.com/wrap 

– WTZ (XTZ Wrapper) https://app.crunchy.network/#/wtz 

– cTez (XTZ Wrapper) https://ctez.app/ 

– FarmSoil https://farmsoil.xyz/ 

– Alien Farm https://aliens.farm/ 

Announced DeFi

– Control Finance https://controlfin.net/%20 

– Mavryk Finance https://mavryk.finance/ 

– INABLR Investment platform https://xtz.news/adoption/inablr-developing-an-investments-platform-on-the-tezos-blockchain/ 

– SEXP https://twitter.com/getsexp 

– Tezos.Finance (Lending-borrowing) https://tezos.finance/ 

NFT Sport:

– Red Bull Racing NFT program https://xtz.news/adoption/drop-it-like-its-hot-launching-red-bull-racings-debut-digital-collectibles-range/ 

– McLaren Racing NFT program https://xtz.news/adoption/mclaren-racing-collective-platform-where-fans-can-purchase-mclaren-racing-digital-collectibles-goes-live-on-tezos/ 

– FC Toulouse NFT program

– Golden Goals https://www.goldengoals.io/ 

NFT Music events and platforms:

– Whitney Houston song sells for 1 million USD (OneOf)

– Linkin Park’s Mike Shinoda launches new generative music NFT series (Ziggurats platform)

– Grammy Awards multi-year NFT partnership (OneOf)

– DJ Alesso NFT series (OneOf)

– The Game NFT series (OneOf)

– TuPac Shakur Documentary (Kalamint)

– Doja Cat NFT series (OneOf)

– Junky XL NFT (AmplifyX)

– OneOf https://www.oneof.com/ 

– Subtrack https://www.subtrack.fr/ 

– Radion.FM https://www.radion.fm/ 

NFT games:

– Emergents TCG https://emergentstcg.com/ 

– Tezotopia https://tezotop.io/ 

– Ubisoft  Ghost Recon: Breakpoint NFTs on Tezos https://quartz.ubisoft.com/ 

– The Cult & the Coven: Witchez and Demons  https://xtz.news/nft-news/the-cult-and-the-coven-witchez-and-demons-a-new-nft-game-being-built-on-tezos/ 

– CCP Games’ Kill Certificates

– Dogami (Ubisoft invested in this game) https://xtz.news/games/dogami-secures-6m-in-funding-from-ubisoft-and-other-big-names-to-build-out-petaverse/ 

– Tezos Origins https://www.tezosorigins.com/ 

– The Transmission https://thetransmission.xyz/ 

– Harmonia: Goya’s Land https://harmoniagoya.io/ 

– PRJKTNEON https://www.prjktneon.xyz/ 

– PixelPotus https://www.pixelpotus.com/ 

– WorldwarTez https://www.worldwartez.com/ 

– PlayTix http://playtix.io/ 

– TZ Button https://tzbutton.io/ 

NFT Art events:

– Miami Art Week with H=N art and OneOf Whitney Houston Event And MetaCarnival Co-Hosted by Rap Superstar Pitbull

– Basel Miami Beach 2021

– Detroit Culture Club

Real-life voting applications

– E-Voting Solution Electis.app tested by 80 universities world-wide

– NeuillyVote: Paris suburb Neuilly-sur-Seine democratic voting application https://xtz.news/adoption/the-tezos-based-voting-application-neuillyvote-will-launch-october-12th-in-the-french-city-neuilly-sur-seine/ 

– Voting introduction in Swiss by Baloti https://xtz.news/adoption/baloti-giving-future-swiss-citezens-a-voice-and-preparing-them-for-swiss-democracy/ 

Fashion NFT

– Beauty House Guerlain

– Color Institute Pantone


– Digital certification solution for authors and publishers by Édith & Nous https://xtz.news/adoption/edith-and-nous-use-the-tezos-blockchain-to-reinvent-the-way-authors-and-their-manuscripts-are-protected-in-case-of-litigation/ 

– Lucidpay stablecoin for hospitality industry

– Real estate key management appliccation by Myloby https://xtz.news/adoption/myloby-surpasses-100000-transactions-on-the-tezos-blockchain/ 

– Beez Application launches loyalty program through digital stamp feature. https://xtz.news/adoption/hexa-solutions-launches-a-major-beez-application-update-with-the-tezos-based-digital-stamp-feature/ 

– Decentralized Carbon Credit Marketplace by Cambridge University https://xtz.news/adoption/cambridge-university-will-build-a-decentralized-carbon-credit-marketplace-on-tezos-that-will-support-reforestation-efforts-worldwide/ 

– Groupe Casino With 11,000 Stores To Launch Stablecoin On Tezos For Payments https://xtz.news/adoption/groupe-casino-with-11000-stores-to-launch-a-stablecoin-on-tezos/ 

– Roman Catholic Mission Of Bangkok NFT minted officially by the Catholic Church https://xtz.news/nft-news/roman-catholic-mission-of-bangkok-to-release-the-first-ever-catholic-nft-on-kalamint/ 

– UN Migration Agency Uses Tezos-Based Application ‘eMin’ In Anti-Slavery And Human Trafficking Prevention Program

– The Whitworth Museum In Manchester Offers ‘The Ancient Of Days’ NFT

– WereNode https://werenode.com/ 

– TezID: An Identity Oracle https://tezid.net/ 

– Decentralized Identity DNS https://dns.xyz/ 

– Tezos Domains https://tezos.domains/ 

– MVL And The Migration Of TADA Ride-Hailing App From Ethereum To Tezos

– Ipocamp’s Intellectual Property Solution

– Decentralized Freelance Marketplace, CryptoTask Moves To Tezos

– Swiss city of Erlenbach distributes Covid relief funds through Tezos-based application

– GOeureka: A Hotel Booking Platform

– Gravity: A Decentralized Solution To Create Trusted Private Digital Identities For Real-Life Use On Tezos

– Inveniam’s New Asset Value Pricing Solution (With Cushman & Wakefield And Deloitte trusted data validators) https://xtz.news/adoption/cushman-and-wakefield-and-deloitte-are-trusted-data-validators-for-inveniams-new-asset-value-pricing-solution/ 


– SIRIHUB Token (On XSpring) https://xtz.news/adoption/tezos-based-sto-sirehub-token-issued-for-73-million-usd-by-xspring-and-traded-over-usd450k-in-the-first-12-hours-on-erx/ 

– Mt Pelerin Tezos integration in STO platform https://xtz.news/adoption/mt-pelerin-adds-xtz-to-their-zero-fees-on-and-off-ramp-bridge-wallet-and-will-add-tezos-support-for-their-sto-platform/ 

– AqarChain STO platform

– Equisafe Physical Art STO

– ERX STO Exchange

– SmartCrowd STO Platform

– Equisafe https://www.equisafe.io/ 


– Ubinetic https://ubinetic.com/ 

– Harbinger https://github.com/tacoinfra/harbinger 

– Kaiko https://www.kaiko.com/ 


– The Gitcoin “Game On! Tezos” Hackathon

– Plenty Global Hackathon

– TezAsia Hackathon

– Tezos India Fellowship


– Arab Bank Switzerland integration https://xtz.news/adoption/leading-digital-assets-bank-selects-tezos-for-financial-services-products/ 

– InvestaX Collaborate With UBS, State Street https://xtz.news/adoption/investax-collaborate-with-ubs-state-street-cms-pwc-singapore-and-the-tezos-foundation-in-singapore-tokenization-poc/ 

– EQIBank DeFi integration https://xtz.news/adoption/global-digital-bank-eqibank-chooses-tezos-for-defi-offering/ 

– Crypto Finance Group, InCore Bank, and Inacta have selected Tezos for the development of innovative, compliant, on-chain digital products for the financial market. https://xtz.news/adoption/tezos-selected-to-enable-smart-contracts-for-leading-european-banks/ 

– Tezos Technology Used In Digital Euro Model Experiments https://xtz.news/adoption/tezos-technology-used-in-digital-euro-model-experiments/ 

– Société Générale https://xtz.news/digital-securities-news/societe-generale-announces-the-successful-settlement-of-tezos-structured-product-through-clearing-and-settlement-subsidiary-parel-s-a/

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