HEXA Solutions Launches A Major BeeZ Application Update With The Tezos-based Digital Stamp Feature

by | Nov 17, 2021 | Adoption, Latest

HEXA Solutions has launched a major update to the BeeZ application with the digital stamp feature where transactions are secured using the Tezos public blockchain.

HEXA Solutions And BeeZ App

The BeeZ application by HEXA Solutions is a local platform dedicated to help connect users/visitors with everything that happens in a city. It helps to provide residents, visitors, students, and others with key information about a city, including:

Shops & services
Cultural life
Geo-localized feeds
Filters and favorites
Reward programs

and more. 

For the cities, it allows them to manage and analyze their local data, helping them to create more innovative and dynamic surroundings.

A preview of this innovative solution is being presented at Salon des Maires in Paris, from the 16th-18th November.

‘HEXA Solutions develops & deploys digital platforms for communities, working with cities since 2017. The main mission of HEXA solutions is to help cities to promote local experiences & proposals and connect users to local offers.’

The digital stamp which uses the Tezos blockchain is: ‘the link between the digital and the physical world. It is associated with the console of merchants to allow them to stamp their customers’ smartphones during their purchases and to bring the loyalty program to life in a fun way.’

HEXA Solutions stated (Translated):

Thank you to our partners Nomadic Labs, ekino, Tezos Foundation, Scaleway, the commitment of Provence Angels, #PeugeotFrèresEntrepreneuriat, Crédit Agricole Alpes Provence, Airbus Développement, our private supporters and the many cities that trust us to transform the experience of their users!

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