PRJKTNEON – An Epic Cyberpunk Migration To The Tezos Blockchain

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PRJKTNEON: a complete NFT based fictional cyberpunk universe in the making. A total of 666 “programmatically, randomly generated AVATARS” will be minted that will have 137 different traits with different rarities.

It launches today, Sunday September 19th.


Perhaps one of the best-known NFT artists and Tezos personalities, Flygohr is about to launch a massive project that might just rival the mighty Tezos Tezzards in scale!

If you aren’t familiar with his work check out his previous XTZ News article/interview Exploring NFT Art on Tezos Part 9.

We are talking about a complete NFT based fictional cyberpunk universe in the making here. A total of 666 “programmatically, randomly generated AVATARS” will be minted that will have 137 different traits with different rarities. 

Set to launch on Sunday, September 19 at 6PM GMT (click here to convert to your time zone), the FOMO is reaching peak levels.

Those hoping to mint an AVATAR will need to go to and link their Tezos wallets. AVATARS can be minted one at a time for 25 XTZ, but be prepared to increase your fee tolerance to increase your odds.

To get people ready for the launch, we went straight to the source and got the inside scoop from the creator himself. Thanks to Flygohr for answering some questions for us to help us get to know more about PRJKTNEON on short notice! Enjoy! 

What was your inspiration for PRJKTNEON? (Awesome name BTW).

“I am a long-term fan of the cyberpunk genre and I have been writing stories or making up little games (just for myself, mind you) since I was a child.

NFTs gave me the opportunity to actually host such games and make up such stories, both with the #PUNKDOE roleplaying adventures and the #TEZOSPIRATES Treasure Hunt.

With the experience I made on those two projects I ‘leveled up’ and I tried to put the best of them, and more, into this new adventure! I saved the cyberpunk theme, one of my favorites, for this. My ultimate goal is to engage with the community and build a world together!”

The storyline is top notch too, did you write this yourself?

“Yes, the art and the writing is all me! It’s not like a novel or a full comic book, nor a card game, or a roleplaying game. Ideally, it’s a mix of all of that. I don’t have a complete story written for this, I have just the beginning and some of the obstacles planned, but I hope me and the PRJKTNEON community get to decide how that goes on.

Initially, it will be just me getting a feel of how this cyberpunk world would need to move, but after the first, critical phases of the project are complete my plan is to have the community come together and chose the future of PRJKTNEON, just need to think about the right mechanics for that. In the meantime, just have fun!”

Do you have anyone helping with this project? It seems like a massive undertaking!

“This project has been in the making ever since I joined Tezos in March. It was originally planned as a burn token project (like the #TEZOSPIRATES), and you can see the remnants of my initial ideas using the hashtag #NEONGREENPUNX. I got TONS of help to make it as you see it now.

Feedback from ClaudioDallaB and PureSpider has been invaluable. I then got in touch with the objktcom team and they helped me setting everything up, from the smart contract to the finishing touches for the website.

A couple of undisclosed parties are also helping me set up the PRJKTNEON FILES (the companion collection) and the future dApps that will interact with the AVATARS (the 666 generative characters).” 

How do you envision this unfolding?

“I honestly hope this goes well. Ideally, I’d like to continue creating content for this cyberpunk universe for the years to come, engaging with its community. I don’t know how it will end, but I’ll strive to make it as good as I possibly can for everyone involved.”

What are some of your plans associated with this project down the line?

“There are a couple dApps already in the making that will be here by the end of the year, probably earlier. After this, which I call the ‘initial phase’ for PRJKTNEON, it can be whatever.

I just needed to condense my literally hundreds of ideas about this project into a sensible plan for this year, but then I hope I can make every single one of them into a reality.

Card games, posters, printed comics, role playing, stories from the holders and virtual adventures. More apps. I just need to take this one step at a time, and hopefully see everyone of you there in the next few months and years.”

Projects like PRJKTNEON are really expanding collectible art/stories to an absolutely massive audience that have never experienced anything like it.

It seems to me that we are on the verge of an entirely new media, some kind of combination of comics/tv/movies/novels and you are definitely on the forefront!

Is it just me or is the potential here mind blowing or what! Mainstream has no idea what is coming! What do you think?

“You know I agree completely, maybe it won’t be me but this kind of stuff is going to explode. I really can’t say when for sure, although everybody can see this is just the beginning.

NFTs gave new meanings to digital art and digital art communities, and I’m pretty sure digital collectibles will become the norm: people will have them in display cases, or will show them off from their phones, or will literally play with them together with friends.

I think what happened with American comic books, Japanese mangas and videogames and trading card games is about to happen (and it is already, really) with NFTs.”

Do you have any specific links you would like to share for those of us waiting for the drop?

“A couple of suggestions for Sunday: run your own node and learn how to set higher gas with your wallet. I really didn’t expect the hype I’m seeing now, and I want as many of you as possible to own a PRJKTNEON AVATAR.

You can follow the PRJKTNEON Twitter for pre-launch NFTs and post-launch giveaways and updates about the project. Please don’t try to communicate with it normally, it’s just a bot terminal that woke up in a dystopian future world.

It prefers command line inputs. Ok, I’m just joking, it’s me running it but I’m trying to stick with the computer theme!

There’s also a website which I’m proud to say I coded almost all by myself (ok, @marchingsquare stepped in where my code was just too dumb to be left alive and @oktu added all the advanced interactive parts like the minting which I just don’t know how to add).

Additionally, there’s the PRJKTNEON FILES collection on which is starting to be populated already!” 

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