Marketing And Brand Giant “Huge” Has Been Appointed To Work On Tezos Marketing And Brand Development

by | Jun 8, 2021 | Adoption, Latest

With clients like Spotify, Google, Gucci, Getty, Nike and many other, Huge are a big and experienced player in the marketing and branding field.


With clients like Spotify, Google, Gucci, Getty, Nike and many other, Huge are a big and experienced player in the marketing and branding field. Today was announced that Huge was chosen to work on marketing initiatives and programs for the Tezos ecosystem.

Huge will work with the Tezos ecosystem to help define go to market strategies, brand expressions, developer engagement, and create engaging experiences for community members, developers, builders and media.

Huge will accelerate Tezos marketing efforts including brand identity, integrated marketing, creative, event activation, partnerships, marketing innovation and PR.

This is the first AOR agency relationship in the Tezos ecosystem, and follows the recent appointment of Mark Soares as CMO & Founder of Blokhaus.

Huge Brooklyn President commented:

“Huge has a long history of helping new economy brands enter the market, helping people connect in new and exciting ways.

The blockchain space represents a fascinating and entirely new frontier – and Tezos is right at the forefront of innovation in the space.

Helping grow awareness for Tezos is exciting and exactly the kind of opportunity we look for to create experiences people love today and in the future.”

Tezos advancements

Tezos is shifting gears on all levels currently. The NFT market moves to Tezos while the biggest transaction volume in the NFT market is currently on Tezos.

DeFi is exploding on Tezos, as multiple DeFi applications have launched and several pre-sales per week are announced. We have seen a lot of real world use cases on Tezos, both the STO field as more broader applications:

So far #Tezos has been utilized in 1 Swiss city (Wetzikon),  3 French cities for voting (Chapet, Vernouillet and Verneuil-sur-Seine),  1 French government agancy (The French Gendarmerie’s cybercrime division (C3N),  and 1 US city is currently developing a DAO on Tezos (Reno).  Groupe Casino is building out the circulating supply for their stablecoin that will be used for payments and loyalty schemes in over 11,000 stores worldwide. And the list goes on. 

Some of the most successful applications on Tezos are non-funded projects like Hic Et Nunc, Salsa DAO and Tezotopia (most successful NFT sales on Kalamint) Semi-funded applications with VC funds or funding from the Tezos Foundation have also had very successful launches. Think of Wrap Protocol , Plenty DeFiQuipuswap, Tezos DomainsKolibriTezex Bridge and others.

Several teams are working on the frequent protocol upgrades that are injected in the on-chain governance mechanism.

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