InterPop Warming Up The Esports Field With The Launch Of “Play with BRIO”

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“Play with BRIO” has launched its first playable game: Solitaire.

Soon other games will go live: 21, Bingo, Golf, and Mahjong. With these first basic games, players will be able to compete with each other one-on-one and earn BRIO coins or XTZ.

Playing Solitaire, you will earn points as you do in any Solitaire game. Winning the game, results in winning the BRIO coins or XTZ.


Play with BRIO has launched it’s first playable game: Solitaire.

Soon other games will go live: 21, Bingo, Golf and Mahjong. With these first basic games, players will be able to compete with each other one-on-one and earn BRIO coins or XTZ. Playing Solitaire, you will earn points as you do in any Solitaire game.

On the Play with BRIO platform, you will play against other players. Your opponent will play with the exact same deck and the one with the most points will win the game. Winning the game, results in winning the BRIO coins or XTZ.

BRIO points can be used to for practice games so you can get a feel for what you can expect when you play with real XTZ. BRIO points are not on-chain. Once you are familiar with the game that you want to play, you can choose to play for real XTZ. Now you can win, or lose real XTZ.

Play with BRIO is the first ever eSports skill based platform on the Tezos blockchain

Built and powered by Tezos. Play with BRIO leverages the efficiency and scalability of the Tezos network to execute on-chain game-play with a seamless user experience.

Users can open a wallet with one-click through their Gmail, Reddit, or Twitter accounts and start playing! Players can play for free or for real cryptocurrency. Games of skill have always allowed players to compete based on one’s ability, going back to early board games like Go or Chess, and they have become a burgeoning segment of the digital gaming space.


Play with BRIO is the first product launch from InterPop.  InterPop is a subsidiary of TQ Tezos and aims to combine blockchain technology with gaming and comics, to create the ultimate mix of digital (card) games and fan experience. 

InterPops most anticipated game is the digital Collectible Card Game “Emergents”. 


The collectible card game Emergents has been in development for a while. If you have never heard of collectible card games before, think of Magic the Gathering which is one of the most well known collectible card games out there.

Emergents has been developed by a team that includes some well known names in the Magic the Gathering scene. It aims to be a digital CTG that captures the feel and fun of the physical CTG’s and at the same time aims to improve some aspects of the CTG genre.

Trading cards on an NFT platform is one of the big improvements that Emergents offers. Also the fact that playing card history can be added to an NFT is a very exciting aspect of the game. It allows players to increase the value of a card and to unlock new features in a card.

Besides fun and challenging to play, one of the objectives of the developers of the game is to make it enjoyable to watch. This makes it not only more accessible and easier to learn, but it will also make contests and tournaments way more interesting. This will help grow a thriving community.

If we look at Magic the Gathering (one of the most successful collectible card games) and its community as an example, we see that it has an exceedingly high level of engagement with Magic’s creators.

For Emergents, community involvement will be encouraged as the Tezos governance model will be applied in Emergents. “Players will be given a voice in community decisions based on a combination of what they own and what they have accomplished, as appropriate to the current decision.” 

The number of specific cards will be limited. This will enable players to build a unique collection of cards perfectly shaped for their playing style.

Some cards will obviously be more useful or popular than others and this will create a certain demand and value. So the value is tied to its scarcity and usability.

On top of that, extra info of your cards accomplishments will be registered on the blockchain. Certain milestones can be reached which will unlock options, modifications and premium levels. This means that playing will also increase a card’s value (both in gameplay and in trading value).

Gameplay, community engagement, an easy access functioning marketplace, should capture a lot of what makes physical card games great. Combined with the possibility to unlock certain potentials in cards, Emergents should be a very interesting game to play. The team behind the game justifies high expectations of the game itself. 

Emergents will be accompanied by an Emergents comics series. InterPop is developing a free-to-read line of comics, starting with the Emergents universe. Each issue—written and drawn by renowned comics creators—will be sold as NFT editions and allow fans to help shape the narrative through voting.

Through this mechanism, NFT owners will be able to participate in choices that range in scope from the “cosmetic to the cosmic” from issue to issue.


InterPop’s NFT marketplace, MinterPop will be a dedicated NFT marketplace with a primary and secondary market for digital collectibles in the Emergents universe including variant covers, original art, signed copies, enhanced cover effects, collectible figures, and props from the comics themselves.

MinterPop’s free gas marketplace will be the destination for fans to collect, trade or sell NFTs from InterPop.

All-star team

InterPop team includes members with both qualities in the technical field of blockchain development as well as members who have earned their stripes in the CTG field and comics industry.

While being a subsidiary of TQTezos, which is a well known entity in the Tezos development community, InterPop is led by President and Publisher Brian David-Marshall, a fixture of the Magic: The Gathering community from his time working with the game’s publisher, Wizards of the Coast.

Working alongside Brian are industry veterans Rachel Gluckstern, editor on Detective Comics and Batman and Robin for DC Comics; Drew Nolosco, who worked on Transformers CCG for Wizards of the coast; Leonard Perez coming to us from Scopely where he worked on Star Trek Fleet Command; Jason Sharp, co-founder of Same Table, the #1 social app in 50 countries with over 25 million installs.

Magic the Gathering Hall of Fame player and game designer Zvi Mowshowitz; and fellow Magic Hall of Gamer Alan Comer who has extensive hands-on experience with the rules engines that make digital card games work; and Kathleen Breitman, creator of Coase, who is serving as a senior advisor.

Learn more about InterPop, Play with BRIO, and the Emergents universe at InterPop Block Party, a one-day event at the intersection of NFTs and fan culture. The event will be held on July 17, 2021 starting at 10:00am EST on Topia. Register here today.

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