10 August 2023

Generative Art Platform Fxhash Secures $5M in Seed Funding Round Led by 1kx

The Seed Round Fxhash, the groundbreaking generative art platform and marketplace, has successfully closed an oversubscribed $5 million seed fundraising round. Spearheading this investment initiative was 1kx, an early-stage crypto-focused venture capital firm renowned for its strategic ecosystem growth investments. Founded in 2021, Fxhash has emerged as the...

Generative NFT Series Oxtazy: 3D Creatures Right From The Bottom Of The Ocean

Oxtazy is a generative NFT series that will be deployed on Tezos. The mint price of an Oxtazy will be 10 XTZ.

Oxtazy’s are inspired by octopuses and will drop in three Oxtazy tribes: Igni, Nobili, and Alieni. Each tribe has 1350 unique Oxtazy NFTs. So in total, the collection is composed of 4050 mysterious creatures.


Oxtazy is a generative NFT series that will be deployed on Tezos. The mint price of an Oxtazy will be 10 XTZ.

Oxtazy’s are inspired by octopuses and will drop in three Oxtazy tribes: Igni, Nobili, and Alieni. Each tribe has 1350 unique Oxtazy NFTs. So in total, the collection is composed of 4050 mysterious creatures.

Generative NFTs are a series of unique NFTs that have the same theme and usually are sold with a placeholder that hides the actual NFT. The reveal of the NFTs is commonly done automatically after the sale of the series has completed.

Oxtazy does this differently and allows the owners of the NFTs to decide when they will reveal their NFT.

Owners could also choose not to reveal their NFT and resell and let a new owner decide when to reveal the NFT (so both revealed NFTs and NFTs that are not revealed can be traded on the secondary market).

Shared royalties

There will be a 9% royalty for secondary market sales. 50% of those royalties will be shared with all Oxtazy holders. This means that all holders will profit from a vibrant secondary market and you could even profit from a price appreciation without selling your Oxtazy.


The Oxtazy sales will only be open for whitelisted addresses. Find out how to get whitelisted on the Oxtazy Discord channel

The three Oxtazy tribes

Although the Oxtazy’s are not expected to have any functionality, they do have some cool background stories:


Long time ago the deepest volcanic magma reservoir was discovered by scientists. In the biggest underwater volcano explosion ever known to mankind, mysterious creatures arose. The magma chamber was unbelievably deep and it is speculated that this place was their primary habitat.

They have pocketed some parts of the ocean to use it as their home. This tribe acts very cocky and brave to protect their territory. They often spend their free time on fights to establish dominance in their hierarchy.

Fights consist mostly of waving with their tentacles while trying to knock out their opponent. Their name Octopi Ignis comes from their origin and brave hearth.


The legend says that when the last unicorn on Earth was hunted by humans, its blood drops fell into the sea. The octopuses living in that part of the sea absorbed unicorn’s blood and evolved into the currently known noble magnificent species. Until today they have been described as very aristocratic creatures in the whole marine environment.

Their self-esteem is very high, often overestimating their look. They live a better life than any other octopus species, enjoying clean waters in their areas. They have the audacity to call themselves Octopi Nobili.


Certain parts of the ocean are very polluted with all kinds of chemical, nuclear waste or contamination. While almost all the marine animals are unable to survive the pollution, there is one who adapted itself to such surroundings and lives under these conditions.

It absorbs toxicity of the surrounding environment, becoming toxic as a result. These creatures are very independent and self-sufficient, they even use garbage as accessories.

Other Octopi species perceive them as freaks and stay away as they can be scary. This is where the name Octopi Alieni comes from.

The Ancient 

There is a fourth kind. According to Octopi Mythology stemming from ages of which mankind heard only in legends, there existed a supreme tribe. The Ancients. The Ancients were a tribe of superior Octopi living in Atlantis.

The legendary island that is believed to be sunk down actually never sank. It was always an underwater city possessed by The Ancients.

They lived a peaceful and happy life, but their tribe was not free from internal fights and intrigues. Within the tribe there was a group of ancient octopi who wanted to claim the crown of Atlantis for themselves.

This led to disputes and turbulent times, causing a destructive war and general crisis. Ultimately, several potential causes are responsible for the downfall of the Ancients including the civil war, diseases and environmental degradation.

Today this story is only a fairytale, which says that the ancestors of all octopi: Nobili, Ignis and Alieni are the prehistoric Ancients. Some believe that when you take the DNA of all three tribes you can revive the Ancients into living Octopi. However, this is a minority and labeled by the rest as charlatans.


Owners can give their NFT a name. 

“When you give your Oxtazy a name it will be entirely visible as on-chain metadata. We use the “name” property on-chain (not in ipfs metadata) and we display it on our website.

For example Objkt .com  does not support “mixing” the ipfs metadata with the on-chain metadata so the name you give your Oxtazy will not be displayed there. Perhaps marketplaces will support that in the future. A screenshot with an example is here”. 


The breeding fairytale turns out to be real. There will be a breeding mechanism for the ancients. There will be only 50 Ancients in existence. The Ancients all are unique and different from the main collection. Follow Oxtazy on Twitter for some previews of the Ancients.

The breeding mechanism will be as follows: A user needs to stake 3 Oxtazy NFTs, from each tribe on the website. Once three NFTs are staked in the current cycle, the smart contract choses 4 random winners once per week. These people can then claim the Ancient Oxtazy. Next week is a new chance. This goes on until all are Ancients distributed.

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