CCP Games Introduces Tezos-Based ‘Kill Certificate NFTs’ During The 2021 EVE Online Alliance Tournament

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Today, the leading independent game developing company CCP Games announced that they will award Tezos-based “Kill Certificate NFTs” during the 2021 EVE Online Alliance Tournament XVII.

Tezos NFTs This Week

Tezos continues to expand its position in the NFT art industry. The NFT market on Tezos is the second-largest market worldwide and more and more artists and collectors find their way to the NFT platforms that are currently live on Tezos.

This week the $1 million primary sales milestone was crossed during the presale of the John Karel generative series

Tezos’ smart contracts offer endless possibilities and the NFT use-cases on Tezos continue to expand. Just this week several important announcements were made.

Red Bull Racing announced the launch of their first NFTs on Tezos for this weekend.

Music NFT platform OneOf announced that the winner of the DJ Alesso NFT auction will be literally sent to space and get a worldview space flight as part of the perks that this NFT will include. 

Bitcoin Origins announced they expanded to Tezos and launched Tezos Origins. 

And the Grammy Awards announced that they will launch their NFT program on Tezos through NFT platform OneOf.  And that’s just a week worth of Tezos NFT news. 

EVE Online Alliance Tournament XVII Kill Certificate NFTs On Tezos

Today, the leading independent game developing company CCP Games Products – CCP Games announced that they will award “Kill Certificate NFTs” during the 2021 EVE Online Alliance Tournament XVII.

The first round of the tournament will be held this weekend. EVE’s Alliance Tournament was one of the first e-sports in gaming, with the first event held in 2005.

This year, teams will compete for more than just bragging rights; Kill Certificate NFTs will be awarded to players to memorialize their participation in the seventeenth EVE Online Alliance Tournament. 

After killing an opponent in a game, gamers around the world commonly showcase their on-line kills for bragging rights in video fragments on social media platforms.

Now this common practice is taken to the next level by immortalizing these moments in the form of an NFT and allow the winning player to claim, collect and even trade his or her Kill Certificate NFT on the Tezos blockchain. 

Alliance Tournament XVII is a forty team, 10v10, dual elimination 4-day main event, with a 2 day ‘Feeder’ tournament held earlier this year. In all, some 80 teams entered representing over 100,000 players who were eligible to compete.

CCP has again partnered with the production studio, EVE-NT, and flown player-talent from around the world to CCP’s headquarters in Reykjavik, Iceland, where the event will be streamed live on Twitch.

The tournament begins the weekend of November 6 and 7 and continues the following weekend with the finals on Sunday, November 14. Learn more about the Alliance Tournament XVII here

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