Using Twitter To Send And Receive Tezos Transactions With Kukai

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It is now possible to send and receive tez through your Twitter account thanks to the Kukai wallet app.

The Kukai wallet has been somewhat of a revelation since it announced that it had added DirectAuth support in late October 2020 with version 1.9.

Kukai was launched in 2018 and has consistently won praise from the community, but has gained significant additional traction and usage due to the ease of use in the 1.9 upgrade.

The integration of DirectAuth (powered by the Torus Network) means that sending tez is now as easy as logging into your wallet with your Twitter account and sending to another Twitter handle.

What makes the Kukai wallet extra powerful is the fact that the user that is receiving the tez (otherwise known as XTZ), does not need to setup a wallet, or even know what Tezos is to receive the cryptocurrency, which can be accessed via their Twitter account login details.

Kukai not only supports Twitter through the Direct Auth integration, it also supports Reddit and Google accounts too.

In this tutorial we will focus purely on the Twitter functionality.

Receiving Tez Through Twitter

In order to find the Kukai account associated with your Twitter handle, visit and then select the ‘DirectAuth’ option as shown below:



Please note: it’s very important to always verify that online links to wallet applications are correct and it is good practice to bookmark the wallet website addresses in your browser to help avoid phishing attacks.

This is where attackers will try to make you click a backlink to a website that looks very similar to the real website, but is actually a link to a malicious website trying to steal important account information.

Once the ‘DirectAuth’ option has been selected, click the Twitter icon here:



If you are already signed into a Twitter account, you will be greeted by a screen similar to the following:



Here, you will simply have to select ‘Authorize app’ to sign into your ready-made Tezos Twitter wallet, even if you have not been in it before. 


 However, if you are not already signed into a Twitter account you will be shown a screen where you will need to enter in your Twitter Username and Password:



Once you have signed in by filling in your Twitter login details and clicking ‘Authorize app’, your ready-made Kukai wallet will load up:



Here, you will see your public Tezos wallet address (highlighted in red), however unlike with other cryptocurrency wallets, this address won’t actually be needed for you to receive tez. You will be able to receive tez simply by somebody sending to your Twitter handle through the Kukai wallet app.

In some cases, Twitter users may have already sent your Twitter handle tez and in these cases the cryptocurrency will remain stored until you log into the Kukai wallet app using your Twitter login details.


Sending Tez Through Twitter:

So, you’ve seen how you can receive tez through Twitter into a wallet associated with your Twitter handle, but what if you wanted to send some tez from the wallet to another Twitter user instead?

First you have to fund the wallet. There are many places where you can buy tez, however for the purpose of this tutorial probably the most well-known platform to buy cryptocurrency, in this case, Coinbase.

Once you have setup an account with Coinbase and have purchased an amount of tez you can then send that tez to a TZ Address.



As you already know how to sign into your Kukai Tezos wallet from the tutorials previous section, you will simply need to copy the address highlighted red by clicking the copy icon next to the address starting with ‘tz’:



With the address copied, you can now return to Coinbase and paste in the Kukai Wallet address along with the amount you want to send.



Once your wallet has been funded, you are now in a position where you can send to other people through Twitter using the Direct Auth function.



To do this, simply click into your address, as shown here:



You will then be taken to a more detailed page, where you can receive by QR code, delegate your tez to a baker to earn staking rewards or to send.


Sending Your Tez To Another Twitter User

Here, we will select the ‘Send’ button, as shown:



This will load up a new sending pop-up screen:



Here, you can enter the amount you would like to send. This is where you will need to change the sending address option from ‘Tezos Address’ to ‘Twitter Account’:



Once we have selected ‘Twitter Account’, we will then need to type in the Twitter accounts handle (or username). You can find the Twitter handle in the following location of the Twitter profile:



Once you have copied the right Twitter username/handle (Please note you must include the @ sign too for this to work), you will simply need to paste it in, as shown here:



Next, hit ‘Preview’ and the app will automatically find a Tezos wallet for that Twitter account, that can be accessed with the receiver’s Twitter login details.



You will then have to re-authorize the app in order to send:



You are then given the option as to whether you want to notify the Twitter account receiving the tez, or not.



This will load up a Twitter message window with a notification message ready to send via DM (Please note: this will not work for recipients who have turned off DMs on Twitter):


The user will then click the link on the app and be taken to their Kukai Tezos Twitter wallet, where they can sign in with their Twitter credentials.



The recipient will then Authorize the app:



When they sign in, the recipient will see the tez that you sent:


Baking On Kukai

The recipient can then choose to delegate that tez to a baker, so they can earn staking rewards on it. Unlike in other chains where bonds need to be placed by delegators, in Tezos, the delegators funds are not sent to the baker and stay in the delegator’s custody at all times.



You can find a list of bakers at

It is recommended you do research, get to know the bakers, tap into community knowledge and ask questions before you start your delegation with them.



On Baking Bad, you can simply click on a baker and you will be taken to a block explorer where you can copy their address.



Here, you can copy the bakers address by clicking on the copy icon here:



Once you have the address of the baker you want to delegate to, you can then paste it into the Kukai baker address box here:



The next step is to click ‘Preview’ and ‘Confirm’.



Again, you will need to authorize the app:



You will then be able to see confirmation that you have delegated in the recent activity section:


Important to note: When using the Kukai wallet, as you can access your funds via your Twitter account, it’s very important to ensure you have a strong Twitter password and security.

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