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by | Jan 28, 2022 | Latest, NFTs

In this article by the House Of Skratz team, they introduce their new NFT project: A limited collection of 2222 ‘Skratz’. The project includes a DAO and staking mechanisms will be implemented later.

House Of Skratz

House of Skratz is coming together to celebrate low fidelity. The Skratz are a group of like-minded people who love Lo-Fi, chill-hop, nu-jazz, and music in general!

They get together by the Tezos blockchain to have good times and share good vibes only. They are an advocate of perfections in imperfections. They understand that glitches are not be worried about, but accepted and embraced with positivity.

Lo-fi music has impacted their lives, helped them cope with stress and anxiety, focus better and chill out.

Each Skratz gets a rhythmic DNA full of glitches and rarity traits, fine-tuned to its own attributes which makes them SKKRRRAAATT TATT TAT!

If you own a Skratz, you become a member of our House Of Skratz family, and owning a Skratz grants you 100% creative and commercial rights. 

House of Skratz has a limited supply 2222 Skratz only.

About the Art, community, and the Utilities:

The Skratz team combined together and have put in all the efforts to balance fine pixel art on Tezos, active community, and community-oriented Utilities.

The Art


1) 10% of the sales will be directed to the community wallet where the DAO will be the Decision maker.

2) Royalties: 50% of the royalties to all holders and the other 50% goes to the community wallet. 

3) Staking will be implemented the more you hold the more the benefit!

About the community!

We started just with a team of 5 now we are almost 450 members strong! We would like to take the opportunity to thank the Moderators, the OG’s of the House Of Skratz and each and every member for showing us love and we love you all!

From the time you wake up to the time you sleep or even after you are asleep, the community is having fun with back-to-back give ways, memes, games, talking about their daily life, family, pets, and sharing all the joys and sorrows. We are a family now.

It doesn’t stop here! We the Team along with the DAO will work towards the future and growth.

Mint date and prices!

Presale date: 29.01.22

Presale Prices: 1 for 6xtz, 2 for 10 xtz, and 5 per wallet.

Public Sale: 30.01.22

Public Sale Prices: 8xtz. No limit on the mints.

Come jam with us!

Website: https://houseofskratz.com/

Discord: https://discord.gg/NTs6pf5s6G

Twitter: https://twitter.com/houseofskratz

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