tz1and: A Digital World Built On Tezos

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tz1and stands for Tezland and is partly a reference to the Tezos public key hash.

tz1and is a digital world, where you can own land on which you can build, deploy, exchange, and showcase 3D art.


tz1and stands for Tezland and is partly a reference to the Tezos public key hash. tz1and is a digital world, where you can own land on which you can build, deploy, exchange and showcase 3D art.

The current version is quite basic and kind of feels like an art(ish) variation of the first version of Minecraft, but tz1and is built on the Tezos blockchain and fully decentralized.

“Everything is stored either on the Tezos blockchain or on IPFS. The website is just a portal, there could be others.”

The land that you can own is called a “place” and is stored in the form of “tz1and place” tokens on the Tezos blockchain.

The items that can be displayed on your place, are NFTs that are stored on the Tezos blockchain.

Currently, only 3D models in GLTF format are supported, but we can expect other multimedia content to follow like images and audio.

Users can choose to set the items up for sale. If you point the pointer on an item you can see if it is for sale and for what price. Prices are in XTZ, the native token on the Tezos blockchain. 


It’s quite fun exploring the weird structures that are emerging in the current landscape. Weird art, basic items and multi floor buildings that you can enter.

You can check out the map here and start exploring here

Connecting your Tezos wallet is optional. You can choose in which district you spawn by selecting a district in the drop-down box in the explore screen, hitting the checkmark, then the arrow and then clicking the main “Click to enter” button. 

If you want to spawn at a specific place, you simply replace the number 1 in this link with the number of the place that you want to spawn at. Then you click “Click to enter”.

tz1and is currently working best if you use Google Chrome, Chromium or Brave browser. 

Get your own place

tz1and is ever expanding, but “at a sensible pace”.

This means that places will become available regularly, but not at high volume. 

There are places for sale on the secondary market, but currently only on the “Place Auction” page on the tz1and website.  

Got yourself a Place, now what?

If you want to decorate your Place with NFTs, you can either create your own, or collect them on tz1and. If you want to mint your own, you’ll have to create a 3D item and mint it on a Tezos NFT oplatform. Only tz1and native FA2 tokens are supported as of now.

tz1and currently does not supply a tool to create 3D items so you’d have to do that elsewhere.

Once you have an NFT and you wonder how to get started and get your NFT up on your place, there is a video tutorial by digitalcoleman:  

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