Trooperz – A PFP, Game And Comic NFT Project Based In A Cybernetic Tezos Universe

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Trooperz is an upcoming NFT PGP and Game project set in a cybernetic dark city, plagued by injustice and corruption.

Four gangs dominate T-city : Kabu, Aki, Shibu & Juku. Their members are called the Trooperz, which also relate to the generative PFP side of the project.


Trooperz is an upcoming NFT PGP and Game project set in a cybernetic dark city, plagued by injustice and corruption. Four gangs dominate T-city : Kabu, Aki, Shibu & Juku.

Their members are called the Trooperz, which also relates to the generative PFP side of the project.

The whole ecosystem contains 1 City, 4 Districts, 3200 generative Trooperz with more than 20 attributes and 400 elements with rarity.

By holding Trooperz you are able to become a member of the Trooperz Club, providing access to the Trooperz universe and the benefits and exclusives that this membership provides.

Within the project, there is also a comic which depicts stories and lore from the ecosystem.

Who Roams T-city?

The Trooperz are martial arts experts and will risk everything to defend their individual gang and its underlying interests.

The players must be warned though, these gangs are in it for themselves and they all want total domination of T-city.

In addition to the classic traits, each of the Trooperz carries upgradeable attributes. Some of these attributes are the specialties of the main gangs of T-city.

The Gangs:

The Kabu – Experts in smuggling and trading.  If there is trade happening in T-city then the Kabu will likely be involved. If you need anything to facilitate your quests in T-city, you might turn to the Kabu to help facilitate this.

Speciality Trait: Firearms

Example Kabu Member:

The Shibu – The members of this gang are dark characters, mercenaries with no soul and a thirst for violence. You need someone taking out in T-city? You might need to hook up with the Shibu.

Speciality Trait: Close Combat

Example Shibu Member:

The Aki – No city is fully safe from thieves and scammed and T-city is rife with them. A lot of this fraudulent activity includes the Aki. This gang do not believe in morals or honor and wouldn’t hesitate to step on someone to make money in their unsatiable quest for power.

Speciality Trait: Trickery

Example Aki Member:

The Juku – in a high-tech city you need hi-tech friends and in that case you can rely on the cryptography experts of the Juku gang. Need someone hacked? Need communications taken down? Financial data wiped? The shadowy super-coders can step in to save the day and probably your life. Don’t expect this to come free though, this gang already knows everything about you and will leverage every opportunity to keep you under their control.

Speciality Trait:

Example Juku Member:

There are also two more scalable and upgradable traits that are not the specialties of any individual gang: Energy and XP. These are gained by interacting with the game.

Game Play

The idea behind Trooperz is to assemble a team that you can send on missions to achieve rewards in the form of Tcoins.

These Tcoins then allow you to purchase other NFTs in the Trooperz universe. This will likely be done in the future via the Trooperz Club marketplace.

Unique Trooperz (The Prized Assets):

Prior to minting, 5 of the soon-to-be-available Trooperz have already been showcased on the Trooperz website.

These include leaders of the respective gangs. The Trooperz are unique within the overall generative collection and represent the most highly prized members in the series:

Zero: leader of the Aki, is the most unstable of the 4 gang leaders he watches with jealousy. He is feared for his unpredictable side. Strategist and manipulator: he is also gifted in science and specializes in genetic manipulation.

Jugo: Leader of the Jukus, he is calm and thoughtful but also a ‘calculating’ individual. He strives to organize large-scale cyberattacks to shake up the established order. Jugo seeks above all the prosperity of its pairs…

Matsuri: the legendary leader of T-City’s thieves… He doesn’t hesitate to commit all kinds of baseness to achieve his ends. His ruthlessness allowed him to establish himself as the leader of Kabu’s gang.

Matsumoto: he is the leader of the Shibu Gang composed of T-City’s most fearsome assassins. Known for his impulsiveness and violence, he nonetheless strives to follow the old Yakuza rules and puts honor above all else.

Jun: obedience in Japanese. Despite his young age, this member of Shibu quickly drew Matsumoto’s attention with his many skills, until making him his protege. What is certain is that Jun has something special. By the way, Jun will be at the heart of the comics.

Minting Information:

Initial Whitelist Presale Mint Date: May 19th-20th (Price 4 XTZ)

Initial Public Mint Date: May 21st until sold out (Price 5 XTZ) 

Whitelist spots: Available by following Twitter & Discord and participating in contests.

Once minted, from May 20, holders will be able to reveal their Trooperz whenever they want directly on the website (similar to how the Dogami mint/reveal worked). This gives people the freedom to reveal their Trooperz, or not. 

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