Toulouse FC Airdrop NFT Tokens To Their Fans Using Golden Goals And Tezos

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Toulouse FC has become the second professional football club to use Golden Goals to distribute Tezos-based NFT tokens to their fans, this time via an airdrop.

Toulouse FC Airdrop NFT Tokens To Fans Using Tezos

Toulouse FC has become the second professional football club to use Golden Goals to distribute Tezos-based NFT tokens to their fans, this time via an airdrop. It was stated in a press release on the Toulouse website (translated with Google) that: 

“Toulouse Football Club joins Golden Goals to launch the first collection of NFTs (Non Fongible Tokens) in its history. As a symbol, the club offers its first NFTs to its supporters by organizing an #AirDrop.

Thanks to this association between Toulouse Football Club and Golden Goals, the Club is positioned as an innovative player in the development of the relationship between the club and its supporters.

The airdropped NFTs offer supporters the opportunity to collect a piece of the club’s history and can be seen here and the promo video for the event can be found on Instagram here

The Airdrop

In order to participate in the airdrop Toulouse supporters were advised to create a Tezos wallet so they can store the NFTs and also to complete the following steps.  

On the new collaboration Sebastien Duhamel (Marketing, Communication and Digital Director of Toulouse FC) stated:

“As part of our development strategy, we have always been keen to innovate and offer new experiences to our supporters. The innovation and creativity offered by the Golden Goals platform will allow our audience to appropriate a part of TéFéCé history.

We are delighted to have the opportunity to launch our first NFT collection and look forward to sharing such an experience with our community.”

From the Golden Goals side, Émilien Leclercq, founder of Golden Goals and euraNov told XTZ News:

“With this second club Toulouse FC who joined Golden Goals, it is interesting that they chose to a giveaway of their first NFTs in their history to fans and supporters through an Airdrop.

I truly think that fan engagement is powerful when the content is unique and mastered by the clubs for fans and their community. Through this airdrop, Toulouse FC proves that NFTs are going to be mainstream.

We also think that NFTs will offer a new experience for fans and customers. Like FC Nantes NFTs, the buyers received real jerseys. We are targeting NFTs to give a new digital experience for the football industry, like NFTs for Merchandising, NFTs for ticketing and VIP experience, NFTs for Brands and sponsors.

Furthermore, it’s important for us that everyone be aware of NFT and blockchain environmental impact. Choosing Golden Goals for clubs on the Tezos blockchain prove their engagement for the environment.

Fans, artists, and brands can already start to create unique content on the Golden Goals Platform. We are continuously working to improve the user experience.”

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