The First NFT Cards Of The Emergents Trading Card Game To Be Minted In June

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The first cards for the Tezos-based NFT trading card game “Emergents” will be minted in between June 11 -13th during a virtual Comic-Con. These first mints in June will be playable within the full TCG, which will launch later in the year. The full Emergents Trading Card Game (TCG) is expected to be launching in early fall.

The Current Landscape

Collectible card games like Magic The Gathering and Hearthstone are still very popular games up to this day, but they miss a crucial functional marketplace. Obtaining new cards and trading cards is quite a hassle. Blockchain can provide a solution here with NFT’s (Non-Fungible Tokens).

NFT’s are unique tokens. Of each token, only a limited amount exists. The amount is fixed when the NFT is minted.

NFT’s can be used to register a unique item, owned by a specific player, like a specific playing card, with specific value and functionality. When these items are registered as NFT’s, they can be traded and, if there is demand, have value.

Collectible card games and blockchain form a perfect match, so naturally a new collectible card game is being built on the Tezos blockchain: “Emergents”.

As announced on Twitter, the first cards will be minted and presented in June, during a virtual Comic-Con. The game itself will not be far behind, and is expected to launch in early fall.

The game itself will be preceded by NFT comics that are based on Emergents to bring some of the characters in the game to life. This publishing line will also be presented in June alongside the first NFT mints. 

The line of comics will be adding a unique form of interaction with the readers.

“By tapping into the power of Tezos, fans will experience unprecedented new ways to interact with and shape the narrative of those three titles through community governance systems.

Readers of the comics will be able to participate in choices that range in scope from the “cosmetic to the cosmic” from issue to issue.

But that’s not all, besides the first playing cards of Emergents and the launch of the comics series, a skill-based gaming platform will be launched end of April.

The first game is a variation of Solitaire and will also involve NFT’s. This will be:

“the first in a series of games that will allow users to stake their tez in a prize pool, play the game, and have rewards distributed on a verifiable, secure network.”


Emergents has been in development for a while. Besides fun and challenging to play, one of the objectives of the developers of the game is to make it enjoyable to watch.

This makes it not only more accessible and easier to learn, but it will also make contests and tournaments way more interesting.

This will help grow a thriving community. If we look at Magic the Gathering (one of the most successful collectible card games) and its community as an example, we see that it has an exceedingly high level of engagement with Magic’s creators.

For Emergents, community involvement will be encouraged as the Tezos governance model will be applied in Emergents:

“Players will be given a voice in community decisions based on a combination of what they own and what they have accomplished, as appropriate to the current decision.”

Card value

As with most card games, you can buy playing cards.

“Cards in a Coase CTG (Collectable Trading Game) are auctioned off using a multi-lot, single price, increasing bid auction with a token bonding curve implemented as a smart contract on a blockchain.”

The number of specific cards will be limited.

This will enable players to build a unique collection of cards, perfectly shaped for their playing style. The value of a card is tied to its scarcity.

Besides scarcity, usability will determine its value. Nothing new here, but the cards of the game developed by Coase, will be registered on the blockchain. And doing so, extra info of its accomplishments will be registered too.

Certain milestones can be reached which will unlock options, modifications and premium levels. So playing will also increase its value, both in gameplay- and in trading value.

Easy, accessible and a low threshold to learn the gameplay

One of the objectives is to make it more watchable, which will make it not only more accessible and easier to learn, but it will also make contests and tournaments way more interesting. Besides that, the game will be mobile friendly.

All-star team

Gameplay, community engagement, an easy access functioning marketplace, should capture a lot of what makes physical card games great. Combined with the possibility to unlock certain potential of cards Emergents should be a very interesting game to play. The team behind the game justifies high expectations of the game itself. The creative minds behind Emergents are:

Brian David-Marshall:

Writer and creator for Marvel Comics, Magic: The Gathering Pro Tour Historian, and a former player. He is one of the founders of Gray Matter Conventions, one of the first Magic: The Gathering tournament organizers, and Neutral Ground, formerly the largest gaming location in New York City. Currently he is mostly involved in the collectible card game industry. Brian is one of the premiere commentators and consultants for Magic: The Gathering, the first collectible card game. 

Zvi Mowshowitz:

Former professional Magic: the gathering player and ranking in the hall of Fame. Involved in the collectible card game industry through research and development and consulting for various games.

Alan Comer:

Chief Technical Officer, built AI and rules engines for popular franchises like Pokémon and Magic: The Gathering online edition. He has over 20 years of experience building rules engines and digital card games. He most recently worked at Valve Games, one of the most successful gaming companies in the US.”

Kathleen Breitman:

Co-founder of Tezos

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