TezPets – A New NFT Project With Gaming And Staking Mechanics From TezHouse

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In this article by the TezHouse team, they introduce their new NFT project: TezPets

TezPets are cute little companions that live on the Tezos blockchain. These unique NFTs, once hatched from their egg at your convenience, will be alive.

Much like real babies, they require constant attention, and they grow. Yes, grow.


TezPets are cute little companions that live on the Tezos blockchain. These unique NFTs, once hatched from their egg at your convenience, will be alive!

Much like real babies, they require constant attention, and they grow. Yes, grow! But you’ll need to feed it regularly, or else it will perish. But, if you’re a good TezPet owner, you will be rewarded by being able to watch it grow and progress through the stages of life.

There are 5 different stages of life: baby, child, teen, adult, elder, and eventually end of life.

If you manage to take care of your pet well enough for it to make the end of life stage, you’ll be faced with a choice.

You can send it to heaven and be rewarded with ASH tokens, which will be able to be staked for USDtz rewards, or you can mint a very special egg that will yield 4x the ASH tokens compared to a regular egg when that future pet dies.

So, let’s talk specifics about the feeding and upkeep of your pet. As mentioned, there are 5 stages to your TezPet’s existence.

You level up after feeding it 3 times. The cost to feed your pet is .333 tez, so if you take that multiplied by 5, you will see the max cost to reach end of life for a normal egg is ~5 tez.

A special egg takes 2x as much, but you get a 4x reward.

60% of all transactions are added back into a rewards pool that only ASH holders will be able to stake into. That’s right, you’ll soon be able to grab some DeFi rewards to make up for the loss of your pet!

Everyone will know in advance when the pool is live on the Crunchy network, but in the meantime, you can track the value of the pool by visiting http://TezPets.xyz and looking at the pooled XTZ amount shown, which will eventually be swapped to USDtz for the rewards.

There’s still plenty of time before the rewards will be collected!

tl;dr from TezHouse: Take care of your digital pet for a little while at http://TezPets.xyz, stake ASH, get some rewards.

Brought to you by TezHouse

The TezHouse Team Bios

Sarin Eskandarian – Founder:

My Name is Sar and I am the founder of TezHouse. I have been in the NFT and DeFi world of Tezos for some time now. I’ve had the pleasure of working on some really good projects and some amazing people. My First hit was with DreamCar.

DreamCar is a NFT line inspired by a game I’m developing. DreamCar really hit it off for me so I immediately started another line called KIX. KIX is a shoe line with a lot of the early Tezos projects that made the Tezos ecosystem a great place to be.

After having a successful experience with KIX I went for the whole out-fit, not just shoes. So I made LIDS and SKINS (hats and shirts) right after. Then Boom I started minting my dad’s art on Kalamint (@sarmyn), started selling some work there.

Then I got approached by a buddy of mine to do a guitar line. 115 mints of “Guitarz”. These guitars would be the famous rock and roll stars guitars but remade digitally with fine art. Another successful experience.

Then I got approached by AKCreation, for PixelPanda! I was more than ecstatic to help! He really wanted CodeCrafting to be on the team with smart contracts. I was handling the website and project utilities. AKCreation took care of the Art and Marketing. Another amazing experience.

Come to the present day I’ve done over a dozen NFT projects, created my own coins and most importantly got to meet the amazing Tezos community.

My current obsession is with Tezpet V2, release day on Valentine’s day February 14th. With new Tezpet, features like breeding, and more rewards I couldn’t be more excited for this release.

Thank you for participating with me in this unforgettable experience. Let’s Play!

Boris Grit – Smart Contract Creator:

My name Boris Grit from the Buttonists team and I am a smart contract creator. I have been passionate about coding and blockchain technology for many years now.

Some of the projects I have worked on include Tezos Mandala, the first generative NFT project on Tezos. Still to this day it is a one of its kind project on Tezos because it stores data completely on chain!

I am also the Developer of NFTbutton marketplace, Owlz PFP collection is another proud accomplishment of mine . I have many ambitions ideas and cant wait to create your next favorite game!

Kawsar Mollik Web Developer and Programmer:

My name is Kawsar Mollik and I am a web developer and programmer for Tezhouse.

Building websites and managing content is what I do! As a tech enthusiastic I love to work with new technologies.

I am a Frontend Developer · JavaScript Developer · Web Developer · Web Designer · Freelance Web Developer; but more recently I have been doing some development in Ligo for smart contracts on the Tezos blockchain.

Some of the projects I have previously worked on are Volunteer Network, Pin Matcher and Creative Agency Services.

I cant wait for you guys to play our games and enjoy what we have coming in the future!

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