Tezos-based NFT Platform Versum Is Selected For The 7th Season Of Ubisoft’s Entrepreneurs Lab

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Tezos-based NFT Platform Versum Is Selected For The 7th Season Of Ubisoft’s Entrepreneurs Lab.

The Versum team will be working together with the whole Ubisoft innovation team as part of the program. 


Ubisoft are a multi-national gaming giant that are known for large video game franchises including RaymanRabbidsPrince of PersiaAssassin’s CreedFar CryWatch DogsJust Dance, and the Tom Clancy’s series.

They are considered to be one of the biggest games companies in the world,  have revenue of €1.5 billion and have over 20,000 employees.

They are also known to have the ‘the largest in-house game development staff in the world’, as well as more than 40 games studios, based in 5 continents around the globe. Over 80% of the Ubisoft team are dedicated to creation.

Ubisoft are also members of the ‘Blockchain Game Alliance‘ alongside TZAPAC (the leading Asia-based public blockchain consultancy supporting the Tezos ecosystem). Other members of the alliance include Tencent, Rockstar Games, Capcom, Bethesda and Sega.

In 2017 Ubisoft launched their ‘Entrepreneurs Lab’ – an international startup is created in 2017 and located in Station F (the largest startup campus in Europe), with a possibility to be onboarded digitally or physically, Ubisoft Entrepreneurs Lab is a startup incubator supporting innovators with the potential to transform the entertainment industry at large.


Versum aims to set itself apart from the current NFT platforms by trying to set a higher standard in several areas: art-focused and personalized user experience, decentralization, and scalability.

By designing a minimalistic UI, the user should be met by art first instead of stats, metrics, and other information, once they enter Versum.

Statistics like number and value of sales, amount of likes, views, followers, and other metrics are ignored. Instead, users can personalize their feeds.

Personalizing the feed to your liking might take some time, but it does return the control to the user instead of the general consensus of what others like. Versum gives its users extra tools to personalize their feed more efficiently.

– You can follow other collectors or artists. You can discover and create “boards” (a list or gallery) which contribute to your personalized feed.

– You can curate different types of boards such as photography boards, creative coding boards, monochrome boards, illustration boards, etc.

– You can also follow boards curated by other users.

Boards can be private or public. Public boards can be followed by anyone, while private boards are only visible to you. Use them to organize your collection, or to create a wish list, anything you want.

Recently, a new ‘market view’ was launched across feeds, collections and boards where you can see the items in relation to the market i.e. number of editions, price etc.

Such available customizations make the platform very accessible to all users including those that have no interest in ‘market’ elements and just want to focus on the art.

Versum Selected For Ubisoft’s Entrepreneurs Lab

It has now been announced that Gaming producer Ubisoft has selected Tezos-based NFT platform Versum for the 7th season of Ubisoft’s Entrepreneurs Lab. Versum will join 10 other startups and this latest season will feature two main focus points: Positive Entertainment and Web3.

“The Entrepreneurs Lab is a great way for Ubisoft and startups to work together towards building the future of entertainment through mutually beneficial collaboration.

Ubisoft is committed to enrich players’ lives with meaningful experiences and following the success of the previous season, we’re happy to continue supporting startups that are exploring how to create positive impact through entertainment.

Clemence Rousselet, director of Ubisoft Entrepreneurs Lab. 

On the selection, André Venâncio of Versum said:

“We will be working together with their whole innovation lab team.  (legal, finance, tech, marketing). 

The new partnership will not change Versum’s indie dev culture though as it was stated:

We’re still the same indie dev team developing the platform we would like to have as artists and collectors. Ubisoft brings experience to the table and opens us up to other areas where we can do with advice. Decentralisation is still the end goal.

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