Sponsorlive Launches The First NFT Rugby Marketplace On The Tezos Blockchain With The Blockchain Group’s Eniblock Platform

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  • Sponsorlive launches FanLive Cards the first NFT marketplace dedicated to rugby on the energy-efficient Tezos.
  • The project is supported by renowned shareholders such as former international players: Thomas and Marc Lièvremont and also former footballer Alain Roche.
  • The clubs of Stade Français Paris, Section Paloise and Aviron Bayonnais are among the first clubs to sign to offer the first NFTs.

Sponsorlive Launches FanLive Cards

What fan hasn’t collected cards featuring their idols? Sponsorlive – a mobile gaming application based on sports – is modernizing the genre and creating the first NFT (Non-Fungible-Tokens) FanLivecards platform dedicated to rugby on the Tezos blockchain.

This platform is the reference marketplace for the oval ball, where fans will be able to buy different types of individual and collective cards bearing the image of their favorite players or clubs.

The resale of these cards will be available on a second marketplace during the month of April.

Led by former French national team players Thomas and Marc Lièvremont and ex-footballer Alain Roche, the project immediately attracted the Stade Français Paris, which was quickly joined by the Section Paloise and the Aviron Bayonnais, with more to come, as well as their players.

A start for Sponsorlive, which hopes to conquer the entire rugby planet before the 2023 World Cup in France.

A virtuous ecosystem for clubs and players

 Cards and sports have a long history of love. First popularized by albums where you had to stick pictures of your favorite soccer and rugby players, they have recently been dematerialized with NFTs on various marketplaces.

Sponsorlive catches the ball in flight and wants to offer a platform specialized around rugby. Oval ball fans will be able to choose from several families of cards of the same player.

The “silver” cards will be the most accessible and will be issued in 300 copies, the “gold” cards in 150, the “platinum” cards in 15, while there will be only one “black” card… the Brennus for rugby fans.

To design this new marketplace, Fanlivecards relied on the Eniblock platform of The Blockchain Xdev, a company specialized and leader in blockchain technology and services, subsidiary of The Blockchain Group.

Eniblock, an all-in-one platform that facilitates the development and deployment of Web3 applications, has enabled Fanlivecards to design the first NFT rugby marketplace with a user experience adapted to all audiences.

By choosing Eniblock, our partner Fanlivecards not only relies on an NFT platform with the best technological standards, but also on our unique expertise in the support of Blockchain projects since 2019” underlines Charles Kremer, Managing Director of The Blockchain Xdev and Eniblock.

 Based on Tezos technology, a public and energy-efficient blockchain, thanks to its consensus mechanism based on Proof-of-Stake, Fanlivecard has also obtained valuable support from Nomadic Labs.

“When Nomadic Labs was approached to provide its expertise, we were immediately attracted by Sponsorlive’s desire to pioneer NFTs in the world of rugby.

Moreover, the Tezos blockchain, where technical efficiency rhymes with eco-responsibility, lends itself perfectly to this challenge of providing a virtuous value proposition for clubs and players,” said Hadrien Zerah, Managing Director at Nomadic Labs.

Rugby wants to be more and more modern, but without denying its values. FanLivecards has made them its own and promotes solidarity between all players. It will be the first NFT platform to pay players and clubs as soon as one of their cards is sold.

It was indeed important for us not to leave the players aside. They are the real stars of the sport, thanks to their achievements on the field, and it was unthinkable not to involve them. We want to make FanLivecards a platform that is accessible to all and that benefits all players“, explain Thomas and Marc Lièvremont.

National clubs and big names in rugby are already supporting the project

 The lightning bolts, the Dieux du Stade calendars, the little car that brings the tee … the Stade Français Paris was a pioneer club.

It is quite natural that the Paris club was one of the first to sign a partnership with Sponsorlive and was soon joined by the Section Paloise and the Aviron Bayonnais.

Most of the players of these clubs will have their virtual cards available as soon as the NFT marketplace is launched. Their resale will be possible during the month of April.

Promoting rugby in a different, more modern and offbeat way is in our club’s DNA. This innovative project has attracted us all the more as it enhances the value of the players, which is essential for the image of our club.

The FanLivecards platform will allow our fans to develop links with the players and strengthen their attachment to the Stade Français Paris.

We are proud to be the first TOP 14 club to be able to offer this innovative and fun technology to all our communities“, confirms Thomas Lombard, General Manager of the Stade Français Paris.

An app, a fantasy game, rugby will tackle NFT

The NFT marketplace is indeed only the first step of the project. After the launch of the application, the platform will propose from the next sports season to use its cards directly in a rugby fantasy game. A first in this sport.

The principle is simple: a fan buys cards of several players to build his own team. Then, he competes with other users, according to the performance of his players, which makes the value of his cards evolve.

This is a game that has become very popular in France and in which SponsorLive already has a great deal of expertise.

Indeed, FanLive Fantasy Footbal already offers more than 100,000 users the opportunity to create their own soccer team and to compete with friends and live (with coaching possibilities, precise follow-up via the statistics agency Stat Perform…).

“As we have seen in soccer, we think it is a great way to federate around rugby. Fans will be able to buy unique NFTs and create their ideal composition to compete with other virtual coaches.

This is a project that will appeal to both the most knowledgeable and the most novice players,” concludes Edgard Palle, co-founder and Director of Product Strategy at SponsorLive.

 Platform website: https://www.fanlivecards.com/

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