Protoworld – An Accessible Metaverse Where Tezos Builders Can Start With Free Land To Create Immersive 3D Worlds

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Protoworld is an accessible metaverse where Tezos builders can start with free land to create immersive 3D worlds.

The metaverse is starting with the Tezos and Ethereum blockchains. Pre-alpha applications end August 31st.

Image Credits: Screenshot from Protoworld Pre-Alpha 2 video.


Protoworld is an accessible, open metaverse where Tezos builders can start with free land (called Zones) to create immersive 3D worlds.

The Zones can be made to be private, public, or exclusively open to certain community members. Zones come with 3D model NFT (.glb, aka gltf-binary) integration.

The metaverse is starting with the Tezos and Ethereum blockchains. 

The project is currently inviting Pre-Alpha applications from builders (especially with expertise in 3D art) to use the platform and this ends August 31st.

Applications come with a free limited reward for completing a quest within the program.

We’re looking for creators (artists, musicians, architects), collectors, project or DAO leaders, developers, and researchers who are willing to help us improve our product and user experience in its early stage.

The project has been created with the intentions to: ‘…transcend and escape the limitations of the physical world, not inherit them.’

Unlike other metaverses, on Protoworld you don’t need to buy land plots in order to participate, also the platform has been built with an emphasis on being accessible to as many people as possible.

The project has been created by independent artists and developers and documentation about the project can be found here.

The Protoworld Pre-Alpha launch video, showcasing some created lands can be seen here:

Users of Protoworld can start with free land and grow it over time. Artists can create immersive 3D art gallery worlds and even use the worlds to host live events.

Collectors can display their favorite NFTs in their own uniquely designed space, escaping the limitations of the physical world and 2d environments.

All builders and users on the platform can use simple tools to form expansive, dynamic, city-scale virtual lands, which further develop into vibrant exploration and social experiences. 

The Protoworld Pre-Alpha recently got an upgrade to version 0.2, giving builders new materials to work with.

The scope of worlds that can be created has been highlighted by many Pre-Alpha participants.

One such example includes the @nftcollectorguy who showcased his world on Twitter here. 

There are also many other examples of worlds created by other users on the Protoworld Twitter account here.

Like other expansive digital worlds such as Minecraft, users can start with simple building blocks called ‘Archi‘.

Archi are used to create a primitive, floor, wall, and more. They can be placed freely to construct any types of architecture.

Alongside the building blocks, users can also place their NFTs into their zone. This gives the opportunity to combine Archi, artwork and 3D technology to create out-of-this-world visualizations.

Users can navigate the worlds as they would do in many video games, although full instructions for both building and interacting with the platform can be found in the documentation.

Pre-Alpha Builder Feedback

XTZArsenal a Tezos builder in the space believes that Protoworld will unlock more doors in the NFT space, creating many new opportunities, especially when it comes to 3D artists.

As a builder I believe Protoworld is going to unlock the next stage of WEB3 for NFT creators. Being an accessible platform and with their ease of use many artists will have the opportunity to display their art like never before.

As a pre alpha user I have had the privilege of watching their updating process and how much of the community is actually put to use. I have used other Metaverse platforms, but Protoworld seems to be the most inclusive for all people.

Protoworld will change the game for 3D artist I think they are highly undervalued in the NFT community currently because they are limited by WEB2 Platforms

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