PixelPotus Introduces: A Trading Card Game, Pixel Tokens, Lending-Borrowing NFTs And pxlDAO Governance Token

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PixelPotus introduces the next phase of the platform: a Trading Card Game, PIXEL tokens, Lending-borrowing NFTs and the pxlDAO governance token

Pixel Potus

Pixelpotus has been in the top 3 of Tezos dApps on DappRadar for a while now (most users):  We covered the launch of Pixelpotus in the beginning of June this year and described the platform as an NFT trading platform for “NFT collectibles with a competitive element”.

This mix has been proven to be quite successful. The NFTs are called “POTUS” which is the abbreviation of “President Of The United States”.

The goal is to navigate through the different stages of scarcity and try to upgrade a POTUS to the most scarce level of all: unique. Read more about the initial stage of the game in our previous article.

The first period of the platform seems to be just the beginning though. 

Now Pixelpotus takes it to the next level. The POTUS NFTs will play a central role in a Trading Card Game.

Additionally, a utility token is introduced, a governance token is introduced and last but not least, you will be able to lend other players your POTUS and earn revenue. Unique POTUSes will earn revenue even without lending them out.

“POTUS Debates” Trading Card Game (~Nov 2021) 

POTUS Debates will be a turn-based strategy trading card game where players try to exhaust the other player’s fortitude while managing their own. You can read more about the game in the Medium post here.

PIXEL Tokens and pxlDAO Tokens

PIXEL is the utility token of the POTUS ecosystem and beyond. It will be used to pay for in-game assets, perks and services in the projects.

To be able to play the game, you will need PIXEL tokens (although you can also play in the practice room for free). Both players will pay the fee and the winner will earn 75% of the total fee, which comes down to 150% of what you paid to play the game.

The remaining 25% will be distributed to Unique POTUS holders (5%) and to the platform (20%).

The total supply will be 1,000,000 PIXEL. 10,000 PIXEL (1%), will be proportionally airdropped to the top 500 PixelPotus players based on a snapshot of their rarity score on November 23rd, 2021 at Midnight UTC.

PIXEL can also be used to farm the PixelPotus governance token pxlDAO. The only way to get pxlDAO will be via farming and a few targeted airdrops.

pxlDAO will be used for voting on the direction of PixelPotus and all future projects produced by the team. It will also be used for unlocking perks for holders and its utility will grow over time.

Rent-a-POTUS Loan System. (Q1 2022)

Only Legendary & Unique POTUSes can be used to play the game. This is the basis for a Rent-a-POTUS loan system. Since it’s time consuming to get through the scarcity levels and mint yourself a Legendary and/or a Unique POTUS, players will be able to borrow a POTUS of that scarcity level via a lending pool.

In return, players will have to share a portion (5–10%) of any PIXEL rewards with the owner of that POTUS. This is a great way to earn passive revenue with your POTUS.

The PIXEL Shop (~Oct 2021)

In the PIXEL shop, you will be able to buy Pixel Swag and Pixel Artifacts. 

 Pixel Swag 

– T-Shirts, Caps, Mugs and more with PixelPotus-themed artwork.

– Unique POTUS owners receive a percentage of profit from swag.

Pixel Artifacts

– One-of-a-kind NFTs in the POTUS universe, commissioned from community artists.

– Some will be airdropped to pxlDAO holders randomly.

– Some will be available for sale and by auction.

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