Ottez: The BAYC Of Tezos?

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Ottez is a generative collection of 4,007 NFTs launching on the Tezos blockchain in January 2022. It comes with a different strategy to those that have come before it.

In this press release written by the Ottez team (@paggyalmeyda) they present their project to the Tezos Ecosystem.


Ottez is the latest generative NFT pfp series to come to the Tezos blockchain. But it comes with a different strategy to those that have come before it.

There have been many amazing projects that have launched to date and we have watched and bought them with pride as long-term holders of Tezos.

However, as with many projects on the Tezos blockchain, there has been a struggle to gain traction outside of the community. We intend to change that! 

Ottez has been designed and curated to be an extremely high standard of artwork. We have placed a great deal of focus on the artwork as it is the centre piece towards achieving our goals.

We hope that this quality will aid us in promoting and marketing the pfp to our Tezos community and to the wider crypto and non-crypto audiences.

Gaining a large and passionate community behind us is crucial to our goals of bringing more users to the Tezos ecosystem and the amazing projects and artists we already have and will have in the future.

At present the pfp space is dominated by predominantly Ethereum pfp projects such as CryptoPunks and Bored Ape Yacht Club.

These projects have brought a great deal of attention to Ethereum as they have had celebrity endorsements and adoption. If we are able to achieve our goals then we will bring attention to the CleanNFT movement happening on Tezos.

We will be able to provide an environmentally friendly alternative to these pfps and help shift more users to the CleanNFTs issued on Tezos.

It will be a real community effort and we are already forging some strong bonds within the community. We hope to see as many Tezos folks as possible getting behind the project early so that we can benefit the whole blockchain.

Our mint price has been kept low relative to many other projects to keep it affordable for everyone and hopefully get a good spread of ownership across the ecosystem.

We see the way the Ethereum community gets behind the projects on their platform and this gives them the dominant position but we hope the Tezos community will see this as an opportunity to put a Tezos project on the map.

We have already set out plans to strategically target fans of crypto art and of pfps and have committed $2500 towards our initial marketing efforts.

We hope our amazing and vibrant community will aid us in reaching out to more users and promoting not only the Ottez pfps but also all other amazing work happening on Tezos.

This will help us in our goal to shine a spotlight on the Tezos blockchain, its amazing NFT artists and platforms as well as all the projects which have launched and will launch on the blockchain.

We are continually looking at ways to utilise our project to drive forward our goals and the tezos blockchain and will engage with our community to adapt the project to continue this.

Above all we hope to have fun with our community and with the whole crypto community. We will keep looking for ways to ensure this and will keep working with as many projects on Tezos as possible to move forward together.

Many projects have already been incredibly receptive to our project and we thank them for that. Our long term presence in Tezos has meant we have built a close affinity with the community and we want to deliver for the community and all Tezos holders. We hope to surprise some people along the way!!

The Ottez Team

Key Facts

No. of Mints: 4007

Cost of Minting: Presale 6XTZ / 8XTZ Public Sale

Utility: None except Community Fund / marketing


Website: tbc

Project Founders 

@paggyalmeyda (Richard in real life) is a long term supporter of Tezos from the ICO days and has been heavily involved on the user side in almost every project to launch on Tezos.

He has also supported numerous NFT projects and artists and continues to do so. In day to day life he works in Financial services but handles the coordination, marketing and promotion of the Ottez project.

@wwwombats (Anthony in real life) is newer to Tezos but has enjoyed getting involved with the NFT scene on Tezos. Day to day he is a Graphic Designer but studied Fine Art at university. He handles the artistic side of the project.

We have outsourced the backend development to a developer some of you may know, Codecrafting (@mycodecrafting).

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