Objkt One to Debut at Art Dubai, Curating Unique 1/1 Art Pieces from International Artists

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Discover One-of-a-Kind Masterpieces from Around the World with Objkt One’s Debut at Art Dubai.

Objkt One

Building on its reputation as the leading NFT marketplace for art on the Tezos blockchain, Objkt.com presents “Objkt.one”, a new platform for collecting unique, one-of-one limited edition NFT digital artworks within an exclusive curatorial context. The platform is set to debut on March 1st on the opening day of Art Dubai, the leading art fair in the Middle East.

By focusing on quality digital art and fostering cultural exchange and dialogue, Objkt One makes authentic, rare works more accessible within a context that promotes cultural exchange and dialogue.

“Objkt.one is more than just a marketplace for digital art. We are committed to promoting cultural diversity and inclusivity by providing a platform that showcases unique, one-of-a-kind artworks from talented artists around the world. Our curatorial approach places a strong emphasis on community, diversity and the celebration of cultural expression. We are excited to launch the platform at Art Dubai with an exclusive drop curated by Fakewhale that embodies that ethos.”

— Brian Mc Alister Co-Founder of Objkt

With this vision in mind, the launch will consist of an exclusive drop curated by Fakewhale, a collective of artists, collectors, and entrepreneurs with a strong track record of supporting the digital underground scene.

In light of this drop, Fakewhale’s team of curators have brought on board a group of acclaimed artists that will be featured on Objkt One, including The Acid Camels (Coldie, Raphael, Nate Esway), Esra Eslen, Gary Edward Blum, Goldcat, Jenni Pasanen, Jesse Draxler, Kevin Abosch, Lorna Mills, Max Papeschi, Mimmo Dabbrescia, Le Chat N0ir, neurocolor, Omentejovem, Qubibi, and Zancan with Aleksandra Artamonovskaja .

“Curation has always been an essential component to a healthy art ecosystem. In its absence, we witness something akin to chaos. I’m pleased to see Objkt One advocating for curation.”

— Kevin Abosch

“Accessibility and inclusion is at the heart of the web3 creator economy, but curation allows for nuances and threads to be untangled in ways which might otherwise never be discovered. Objkt’s commitment to balancing its original marketplace, and the values of web3 arts & culture communities in its new platform, showcase a new, forward-thinking approach to curation of Crypto Art.”

— Valérie C. Whitacre, Head of Art, Trilitech

From March 1st to March 5th, 2023, Objkt One will be present at Art Dubai’s Digital Art Pavilion (Booth X-13) alongside Fakewhale for a collaboration powered by Valuart Studio, allowing visitors to see the unique 1/1 pieces and learn more about the platform directly from the team — An event that will be celebrated both on-site and online, including interviews with artists and Twitter Spaces.

“It hopefully widens the collectors views to see there’s more chains than just ETH. As tezos blockchain have been more art focus instead of PFP since beginning, the platform will be filled with massive amount of unique art and artists in no time.”

— Jenni Pasanen

Objkt One’s ultimate vision is to be the go-to platform for collectors and art enthusiasts seeking the best selection of carefully curated limited-edition artworks in the digital art ecosystem, but more importantly, it is a place where artists can express themselves and experiment with new ideas in a high-quality, community-driven environment.

Salvador Dali Port Lligat 1963 by Mimmo Dabbrescia

Silenced by Jesse Draxler

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