Mike Shinoda’s Ziggurats Generative Music/Art NFT Series Sells Out As Music Goes Live On All DSP’s Such As Spotify Today

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Mike Shinoda’s Ziggurats – a generative music/art NFT series sold out in the primary public minting sale last night and it goes live on all DSP’s such as Spotify today.

After the primary sale, the series has hit close to 100,000 XTZ in 24 hour secondary volume.


Ziggurats is a collection of 5000 mini-mixtapes, each with unique music & cover art created by Mike Shinoda.

Mike Shinoda is a founding member of Linkin Park, has a long music career winning an impressive amount of awards such as the American Music Awards (6 x), Billboard Music Awards (2 x), Grammy Awards (2 x), MTV Music Awards (25 x) and 34 other awards worldwide.

The Series

Each NFT in the Ziggurats series is similar in the sense that the lyrics are the same for every song, but both the music and cover art for every NFT is unique.

“Ziggurats is a music project, first and foremost. It’s a collection of 5000 mini-mixtapes, each almost 7 minutes long, each one with unique music and unique cover art.5

The vocals are the same on all, but the music and the artwork is built from layers, made by me, assembled in unique combinations so that no two are alike. The cover art is done in illustrative, profile-pic style.” – Mike Shinoda

The Ziggurats Primary Minting

Yesterday on December 3rd, the Ziggurats primary minting took place, where users could mint up to 3 Ziggurats at a price of 15 XTZ each, this public mint sold out quickly.

There was a significant load on the Tezos infrastructure whilst the public mint was taking place, as collectors and fans scrambled to mint a unique Ziggurat NFT. 

Each NFT has unique rarity features and ranks have been determined in the gallery section of the Ziggurats website here.

Secondary Sales

Since the public mint which took place on https://ziggurats.xyz/, secondary sales have been available on OBJKT.com here. Secondary sales have been hot and have reached nearly 100,000 XTZ in sales volume in the last 24 hours alone. 

The Ziggurats Release To Spotify And All Other DSPs

Today, the Ziggurats music which accompanies and contains the songs used in the generative series will be released to Spotify and all other DSPs such as Apple Music, Amazon Music etc via DistroKid.

You can find Ziggurats on Spotify here.

Stream Ziggurats on other platforms such as YouTube, Amazon Music and Apple Music here.

Ziggurats secondary sales on Objkt.com here.

Ziggurats rarity gallery here.

The Mike Shinoda Discord channel here 

Mike Shinoda on Twitter here 

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