Memecast Introduce All-female Team Of Founders Building On Tezos As Landing Page Goes Live

by | Sep 21, 2022 | Adoption, Latest, NFTs

Memecast is an upcoming NFT meme news marketplace that is being built on Tezos by an all-female team of founders.

The project quietly rolled out its landing page last week as they continue to work on front-end design in preparation for their full launch.


Memecast, an NFT news meme marketplace, quietly rolled out its landing page last week. The page’s clean layout features a quick blurb explaining what the project is about and introduces the team and advisors. 

What is the project about? Memecast is creating a community for people to tell the news one meme at a time. Once the site is fully functioning, users who connect their wallet will gain full access and be able to mint and list their own original news meme. 

“The idea behind this is quite simple, the way we consume news has been changing for a long time, memes are a quick way to grab someone’s attention and tell people what is happening around them.” said, co-founder Selene Garza-Guerrero. 

For now, we encourage you to follow Memecast on Twitter and get a daily dose of news memes covering the full gamut of news from tech, breaking news, and entertainment. Memecast followers are always encouraged to join in on the fun and share their own news memes. 

So who is on the team? The landing page introduces visitors to the all-female led team of founders. 

Selene Garza-Guerrero, co-founder and CEO, has a background in journalism, public relations, and marketing.

Garza-Guerrero focuses on the business elements of Memecast, working towards securing funding and building an audience.

Shwetal Soni, co-founder and Chief Technology Officer, is working on design and smart contracts.

Soni has been instrumental in designing the look and feel of Memecast, ensuring that everything is in its place and bringing her creativity to make the website a user-friendly experience. 

Marla Vasquez, marketing coordinator and memelord, runs our social media accounts and scours the news daily, creating memes to share on Twitter.

Vasquez is currently working on a unique collection that will be released once the marketplace launches.

“We are currently working on the front end design and making sure there is a good user experience, bringing great visual design and functionality,” Soni said. 

Soni currently works on various other projects, including Tezotopia, one of the leading play-to-earn games on the Tezos blockchain. 

“The goal is to build our following and interest. I’m bringing memes daily on Twitter that are informative, relatable, and engaging. We want others to share their news memes with us.” Vasquez said. 

“Eventually, users will be able to mint and list their own NFT news memes and this gives users from around the globe a new space to share what’s happening in their part of the world.” 

Memecast will have all the elements of an NFT marketplace, but it will also create a more immersive experience for users. There will be tools available that will allow them to like and dislike, and eventually generate their own memes. There are future plans to bring in more interactive tools that will add a “social-media” feel to it. 

The project is backed by Gif.Games and the team of advisors includes Gif.Games’ Anshit Bhardwaj, Joab Garza, and Manuel Benevides, Global Crypto Alliance. 

“We’re excited to begin changing how news is told and giving people a new way to create and tell a story. It will be as easy as snapping a pic, placing a headline over it, minting and listing. You’ll have made a news meme and shared news,” Garza-Guerrero said. 

The team plans to hold regular Twitter Spaces called “Memecast & Mimosas” every Sunday, time to be announced. Follow the team on Twitter for news and updates.

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