Kumulus: Dropping 10,000 NFTs Into The Tezos Ecosystem

by | May 8, 2021 | Adoption, Latest, NFTs

Kumulus is a project that will be minting NFTs on Tezos by using OpenMinter. Kumulus will be minting about 10,000 NFTs that will be released over the period of one year.


Kumulus is a project that will be minting NFTs on Tezos by using OpenMinter. OpenMinter is a dApp framework which is developed by TQ Tezos. It is built on Tezos that allows anyone to mint their NFTs in a decentralized manner.

OpenMinter is much more than that though, it has a full suite of marketplace /auction contracts, including things like fractional ownership, swaps, royalties and more. You can find the complete OpenMinter SDK here.

One of the interesting features that TQ Tezos is working on to expand OpenMinter, is an SDK (Software Developer Kit) that will enable you to mint NFT’s in batches.

TQ Tezos is optimizing the contracts which will make it possible to mint NFTs in batches that include huge numbers. Without exaggeration, some minter-SDK NFT contracts allow users to mint as many as 10 trillion editions on Tezos.

Kumulus will be minting large numbers of NFTs on Tezos and thus found the perfect tool in OpenMinter.

They will be minting about 10,000 NFTs that will be released over the period of one year. They will mint and release batches of 1,000 NFTs regularly.

NFT Platform

Minting NFT’s is the first step. But to be able to sell NFTs, you’d need to display your NFTs on a platform and allow collectors to buy and trade them.

You could obviously build your own website where your NFTs are displayed and sold. The Alchememist was the first one to do so,  and his auctions were highly successful.

OpenMinter allows you to create an entire NFT marketplace, but although there are successful examples of artists that have created their own marketplace, it’s obviously not always the most effective way to sell NFT’s by creating a completely new marketplace.

Existing marketplaces already have made a name for themselves and they have an existing user base and potential collectors. So, tapping into an existing marketplace can sometimes be a sensible option.

Marketplaces that are built on OpenMinter, or are compatible with OpenMinter contracts, can add NFTs that are minted through OpenMinter.

Kumulus was looking for this option. The idea was to find an NFT platform that enabled them to implement their own OpenMinter contract. Additionally, they were looking for a platform that enables auctions.

They recently announced they would be using Bazaar Market for their launch.

Bazaar Market is a Tezos-Based NFT platform that allows users to offset emissions, and has just launched. It already has its basic version live.

Bazaar Market also launched a governance token called bDAO, which can be found on Quipuswap. More about Bazaar Market here.

Kumulus is likely to be dropping on multiple platforms and are also talking to NFT Button. This platform will go live in 4 – 6 weeks. You can read more about NFT Button here.


A big part of the revenue will go to charities. This way Kumulus will give back something and support organizations that work hard to keep our world a beautiful place to live.

All organizations that Kumulus will donate to are organizations that have set the goal to preserve ocean life, think of organizations like Sea Shepherd and Greenpeace.

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