Exploring NFT Art On Tezos (Part 5) – Moon Culture

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Barry O’Hearn carries on his brand new series exploring NFT art on Tezos. In this series, he will be speaking to the artists behind the NFTs. Part 5 covers Moon Culture who has an NFT drop on Kalamint today.

Moon Culture produces incredible deep philosophical and spiritual art, inspiring almost meditative feelings from the viewer. 

Moon Culture

Our exploration of the Tezos NFT artist community continues with an interview with the amazingly talented MoonCulture (@MoonCultureArt on Twitter and  MoonCultureArt on Instagram).

The name MoonCulture epitomizes the colorful creations that spring to life and glow like a full moon in the haze. We also learn that the term MoonCulture has additional symbolic meaning to represent a common struggle for many artists. Those of us that pursue endeavors outside of our main profession can also certainly relate!

The alluring scenes from MoonCulture are visually pleasing and rich with deeper philosophical and spiritual significance that is hard to pinpoint. MoonCulture is certainly a dreamland that I’d like to visit, and I think it would be a sublime meditative destination for other busy Tezos art lovers.

Stay tuned for MoonCulture’s NFT Kalamint drop Wednesday April 14.

Please tell me a bit about yourself and your art. Moon Culture seems to describe your work so well. What does it mean?

My name is Ori, but I’m known as MoonCulture. I’m a digital artist and a music producer from Israel. I study music production combined with digital art for 4 years at SAE Institute, Byron Bay, Australia.

Color and textures have an important role in my art and are heavily influenced by surrealism and abstract art styles, which resonate with my artistic expression in art and music. 

MoonCulture has multiple meanings for me and my art. It is based mainly on my love for the moon (no hard feelings sun…). But on a deeper level, the name represents the underground artists that work on a day job, while working on their art at night, since it is not easy to make a living as an artist (sadly).

I am combining the MoonCulture theme in my art as a tribute and exposure to artists like me who have the struggle to find the time to work on their art full-time.

Art is important to our evolution and spiritual growth. It should be considered important to us as human beings and to our future in the same manner as any technology development.

It is an important message I want to convey in the hope to spread it through the NFT community. #moonCulture

What attracted you to create NFTs? Why did you decide to mint NFTs on Tezos?

I’m an early investor in crypto and very aware of the development in the crypto world. A year ago, a friend of mine told me about NFT’s and it just captivates me (especially as a digital artist). The ability to have technological features combined with the world of art is no less than a revolution, in my opinion.

As I learned about Tezos, it became obvious that it has the best infrastructure for the NFT domain, and its future potential.

What do you like most about creating NFTs on Tezos?

Well, everything. NFT is part of my growing career. Financially, the minting fees at Tezos are extremely low or should I say, extremely make sense. #CleanNFT is a big one. To make the NFT development and adoption sustainable it must not have a negative impact on our planet.

The future is green, and it should be a fundamental priority in any technology advancement in our world, as for now, Tezos is a very environmental-friendly alternative to many existing NFT projects.

Additionally, open-source features and an epic community also have a big impact on my decision to embrace the Tezos technology and its amazing community.

How do you envision the evolution of NFTs specifically related to art? How do you imagine it NFTs will impact the future of art?

NFTs bring us the ability to record the ownership of an art piece in the digital world through a trusted documenting network (Blockchain).

It pushes art into a new phase, the tech-art era. It opens a door to new communication mediums between artists and their fans. It brings us endless opportunities for Innovation since it unites tech and art.

The potential is huge, for example, Tezos is developing an open-source infrastructure that pushing the NFT’s domain more and more into the decentralization land. The ability to communicate, negotiate and develop tech features Intertwined with art is just a small glimpse of what the future of NFT’s will look like.

The NFT domain opened a door to multiple art forms and not just digital 3d art.

I think the music industry is going to be very welcoming to NFTs and I’m pretty sure it is going to be huge.

I’m already working with some music producers on some very exciting MoonCulture collaboration that I will share in the future.

To sum it up, the adoption is massive and the opportunities are endless. It is just the beginning.

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