Exploring NFT Art On Tezos (Part 3) – Daniella Attfield AKA Daniella Doodles

by | Apr 9, 2021 | Latest, NFTs

Barry O’Hearn carries on his brand new series exploring NFT art on Tezos. In this series, he will be speaking to the artists behind the NFTs. Part 3 covers Daniella Attfield AKA Daniella Doodles.

In the third installment of the XTZ News NFT artist series, we talk with Daniella Attfield, AKA DaniellaDoodles on Twitter. Daniella is a rising star from South Africa that is taking the NFT art world by storm with her unique and stunningly beautiful artwork.

Her brilliant neon line creations, often featuring people in nature, have an almost mystical quality that joins one to the experience.

She recently announced that she will minting some of her artwork using Tezos in an NFT collaboration on Kalamint with Maikeul. Let’s give Daniella Attfield a warm Tezos welcome!

Hopefully, as many other artists have discovered, she will find the Tezos community to be a warm and supportive environment for her creative endeavors.

Thank you so much Daniella for agreeing to do this interview with us! Your artwork feels alive, and we are so happy that you have decided to mint some of your work using Tezos!

Please tell us a bit about yourself and your art.

I’m a South African crypto artist living in Cape Town. I mostly focus on neon line art depicting people and nature.

What attracted you to create NFTs? Why did you decide to mint NFTs on Tezos?

I loved the idea of NFTs because it meant earning money from the art I created in any case and sharing my art with people around the world. I’ve decided to try mint NFTs on Tezos because I like to try new things.

What do you like most about creating NFTs on Tezos?

I especially like that Tezos has a smaller carbon footprint than Ethereum.

How do you envision the evolution of NFTs specifically related to art?

I think that NFTs are an opportunity for artists to finally get paid for doing what they love. Artists are notoriously underpaid and are stereotyped as being ‘poor’ or ‘starving’. NFTs allow artists to survive off their creativity and this is revolutionary. I think Crypto art will continue to grow exponentially.

Awesome! Thank you so much for taking the time to respond to our questions. Your artwork is straight up stunning! So powerful and moving! Thank you for sharing art with the world and welcome to Tezos!

Go to Daniella’s Linktree here for her links to her social media and available artwork.

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