Dataverse: A Secure Personal Space & NFT Curation Tool That Now Supports Tezos

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Dataverse Chrome extension bridges Web2 and Web3, which supports NFT curation from 20+ marketplaces (e.g., Opensea, MagicEden) across 6 public blockchains (e.g., Ethereum, Flow, Tezos) as well as content curation like Mirror and Youtube Videos.

Now, the Dataverse plugin supports flexible NFT curation directly on Objkt and Kalamint.


Created by OwnershipLabs, Dataverse is the first secure personal space for everyone, helping users to control their online digital persona in one place.

It supports NFT curation from 20+ marketplaces (e.g., Opensea, MagicEden, across 6 public blockchains (e.g., Ethereum, Flow, Tezos) as well as content curation like Mirror and Youtube.

Now it works like personal museum & information aggregator for cross-platform and cross-chain content management.

“Before I founded @OwnershipLabs, I was interested in Artificial Intelligence and put a lot of research effort on it. Once I met the blockchain technology, I realized its possibility for returning data ownership to Internet users and aggregating our fragmented memories.

Our journey started in 2020. We joined the Wanxiang Blockchain Hackathon and won the champion and then successfully joined the Filecoin Frontier Accelerator. Dataverse was born there, acting as the first tool for users to maintain data privacy.”

– Qubing Lee – Dataverse CEO & OwnershipLabs Founder.

With the Dateverse Chrome plugin, users can curate Web 3 NFT collections from their preferred marketplaces and create a very unique personal space which also includes Web 2 curations in the form of their favorite YouTube videos.

Here is a snapshot of Dataverse. Just like Chrome extensions Metamask and Temple could be considered your asset wallets, Dataverse will be your data wallet:

Dataverse X Tezos

Now, Dataverse supports the Tezos marketplaces of and Kalamint.

So, what exactly attracted the Dataverse ecosystem to support Tezos?

“To begin with, Tezos is an excellent blockchain for providing better user experiences. Its philosophy is similar to us, making Web3 truly user-managed.

Tezos has made great achievements in NFTs. The NFT markets on Tezos, especially, have gained excellent transaction volume and attention.

We believe Dataverse will provide more extensible functions to the Tezos ecosystem, so we came across and launched ecosystem grant before.

We would love to make more tools for collectors, artists on the Tezos network as well as partners with more NFT marketplaces (e.g., providing Curate SDK and user-centric storage).

Now Dataverse plugin supports flexible NFT curation directly on Objkt and Kalamint. Have a try!”

How To Interact With Dataverse

With just a few clicks, users can create their identities and start NFT curation via Dataverse extension. See this video for more tutorials:

It should be noted to provide the best user experiences, the extension requires local storage permissions to backup the DID credentials and folder dictionaries.

This storage cannot be accessed by any other plugins or webpages, which is secured by the chrome native systems.

*Ownership Labs will never collect any private data related to user identities, and firmly believe that users are the only owners of their identities and curated contents as well as secret folder dictionaries.

What Comes Next?

Dataverse is now developing the PayableFolder Widget in personal space — on-chain curation protocol for monetizing users’ contents & interest graphs.

In the NFT summer, imagine that you curate those bluechip NFTs and then earn money by sharing encrypted folders to friends & communities.

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