Celestial-X: Phase 2 Launch

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With the Phase 1 of launch live, Celestial-X is now focusing on Phase 2, which will bring in additional features like creature hunting, renting land and crafting unique inventories based on the crafting items hunted from the land.

Celestial-X Phase 2 Launch

Celestial-X is an PFP based NFT Game that allows players to wage battle against other players choosing from three different game modes.

Players can battle against each other using Celestial NFTs to win $Elixir, Tezos and loot boxes stacked with various prizes such as inventory, Celestial-X Artefacts, and Collectibles.

Celestial-X is a Universe created on a planet called Tezonia.

There are various Land NFTs (Elixir Land) that represents a piece of land on this planet.

Elixir Land grants the owner with $Elixir, when staked, which is the main utility token of the gaming project.

The game is already live with three different game modes, battles and upgrade features.

Apart from being the main game character the NFTs also act as a source of passive income to HODLers.

Refer to their whitepaper to know more.

The Phase 1 Launch of Celestial-X consisted of 1100 Celestials (Game Characters) & 1250 Elixir

Land which went live in the last week of August.

Celestial-X is now going live with their Phase 2 Launch!

Mint Details

Mint Date: 1st to 26th December
Mint Price: 6 Tez

There are various rewards and airdrops associated with taking part in the minting event

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What else is in the store? Let’s understand it in detail.

With Phase 1 of launch live, Celestial-X is now focusing on Phase 2 which will bring in additional features like creature hunting, renting land, and, crafting unique inventories based on the crafting items hunted from the land.

Users can join Celestial-X and be a part of an intergalactic journey.

Read more about the project on their official website.

About Celestial-X:

💎 Stake Land and earn $Elixir

⚔️ Send your Celestial-X to battles to win $Elixir, Tez, XP & artefacts

👨‍🚀 Level up & Upgrade your Celestial

💸 Earn passive Tez-income by holding Celestial-X

Website: https://celestial-x.com/

The Team

The team behind Celestial-X consists of:

Relaixo: Co-founder & Community Lead

CryptoHunteRR: Co-founder & Project Manager

Ak Creations: Art Director & Strategic Lead

Grit: Developer

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