Crypto Trading Game & Market Simulator “Botwars” To Deploy NFTs And Payment Token On Tezos

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Certain elements of the Botwars game will be deployed on Tezos. These elements are NFT’s, smart contracts and a currency which will also be tradable on DEXes.


“Lead your army of trading robots into battle and conquer the financial markets in Botwar Ultimate Trading Game.”

Botwars is built by Quazard and is a free to play crypto trading game and market simulator, which introduces you to trading, without the need to risk real money.

You learn about order types, leverage and stop losses, which are represented by weapons, ammunition and shields in the game.

This way the game helps you learn different trading skills in a fun and playful manner. During the game you can unlock powerful new trading robots and discover advanced ways to dominate the global battlefields.

You can join free competitions in the game and win real cash and crypto prizes. In these competitions you go head-to-head with other players and battle for a position on global leaderboards.

The public Beta that is currently live is used to test the gamification mechanics and game play. Nothing in the Beta version was deployed on-chain yet. With 20,000 downloads/ players it can be considered pretty successful for a Beta.

Although launch dates in the digital development space are always tricky to predict, launch is expected in Q3 this year.


Certain elements of the game will be deployed on Tezos. These elements are NFT’s, smart contracts and a currency, which will also be tradeable on DEXes.

– NFT’s: You can equip your robots with weapons (order types), ammunition (leverage) and protective shields (stop losses) to fully customize them and increase their chances of achieving profits. All these customizable features are NFT’s that are registered on the Tezos blockchain.

Once NFT’s are bought, they can also be sold again. Specific choices still need to be made on this subject, but likely the NFT’s can be sent to NFT platforms that allow trading, or there might be a peer-to-peer marketplace in the game itself.

– Smart contracts. In the game there are different gameplays like battle arena, candle clash and main competition mode. All of these gameplays have a smart contract aspect that is built on Tezos.

– Currency: There will be two currencies in the game. A “soft” currency for buying gold, ammo, and boosters to help your game play.

And a “hard” currency is for buying the ‘value adds’ like NFT characters, weapons and shields.

The hard currency is also used in peer to peer wager games like the battle arena mode. Which allows players to create their own battle modes and challenge other players on their own terms.

Upgrading NFT items, and the forging of NFT items will also require the hard currency. The hard currency will also be used as entrance into competitions and of course the prize money.

The hard currency is called $QZD and will be a token on Tezos. It can be won in competitions or can be bought in the game.

$QZD can also be transferred to Tezos wallets, this means that it will also be possible to trade this token on Decentralized exchanges.

What’s next?

Quazard is also developing two other games: Fantasy Wars and Tank Wars. Both these games are likely to roll out on Tezos too, but will be dependent on the success of Botwars.

They are built on the same game engine and mechanics, but aimed at a different market with a different appealing genre. 

You can already start playing the Beta version of Botwars today. You can download the game in the AppStore or in Google Play. Both links can be found on the Botwars website.

Although you can start playing today, it is very important to realize that this is a Beta version.

The switch to Alpha on-chain will quite likely mean that the customized bots in the Beta will be lost.

The launch on-chain is expected to be a hard stop and all players will start from scratch.

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