Wantez: A Bug Bounty Platform Dapp That Connects Developers With The Tezos Ecosystem

by | May 25, 2021 | Adoption, Latest

WanTez is a decentralized bug bounty platform on Tezos, built by Tezos Israel. Wantez connects developer teams, freelancers, and entrepreneurs.


WanTez is a decentralized bug bounty platform on Tezos, built by Tezos Israel. Wantez connects developer teams, freelancers, and entrepreneurs.

In a decentralized ecosystem, it’s sometimes hard to connect the right people with each other.

Quite often we see people trying to reach out to developers for small or bigger issues. Especially if you’re new to Tezos it’s hard to know where to start and to find the right connections, even with a very helpful community.

Wantez aims to make things easier in this department.

When projects need developers for bug fixes, these jobs can be posted on Wantez. Details of the job required, the expected timeline, and the amount of the bounty or payment will be displayed.

“As a developer, you can scroll through the list of bounties from various OSS, and find projects you want to get paid to work on. With Wantez, you can optimize and utilize your ability to fix issues. Explore tons of open source gigs who are looking for your help!”

The funder of the job will get a notice from one or more developers that are interested in the job. The funder can then approve a developer of his choice that he wants to complete the assignment.

The payment is agreed on in advance and this agreed amount is locked in a smart contract.

Wantez matches every job with a Github or Gitlab issue. Once the job is closed through a pull request, the XTZ is released and the payment is made. After that, both parties can move on to the next job.

Wantez allows developers across the world to monetize their skills by contributing code and bug fixes to various open-source projects:

⦁ Developing companies can more cost-efficiently patch bugs.

⦁ Startups will be able to augment their teams for temporary periods of time without increasing the total team size.

⦁ Individuals can more efficiently hire development help. Wantez also incentivizes and helps to bring more developers into the Tezos ecosystem.

⦁ Funders on the platform will be able to offer and fund gigs that need work done. They post a description of the work they need to be completed, along with the amount of compensation included.

⦁ Developers can scroll through various available gigs posted by open-source platforms and decide which ones they want to work on.

With payments being conducted and verified on the Tezos blockchain, both parties can be confident that they’ll be paid in a timely, secure manner once the work is completed.

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