The Tezos-Based Voting Application ‘NeuillyVote’ Will Launch October 12th In The French City Neuilly-Sur-Seine

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As reported last June, French city Neuilly-sur-Seine will launch a digital voting application on Tezos. It was expected to launch in September, but instead launches October 12th.


As reported last June, French city Neuilly-sur-Seine will launch a digital voting application on Tezos.  It was expected to launch in September, but instead launches October 12th

The NeuillyVote app is based on the academic level work of Electis.  Electis supports grassroots communities with the next generation voting solutions, using state-of-the-art encryption and verification to safeguard democracy at all levels.

Electis has been working on a Tezos-based voting application and now, for the first time, it will be put to use in the French city Neuilly-sur-Seine. Voting can now be done digitally and anonymously while ensuring end-to-end verifiability.

Voting will start on a small scale and will increase gradually to more large scale events. 

The Electis application has been successfully tested by 80 leading global universities. 

“The adoption of by students from more than 80 leading global universities confirms that the e-voting solution meets the requirements of trust and usability for local governments, organizations, and non-profits across the globe. is powered by the Tezos blockchain and open-source SDK ElectionGuard.

The results of e-voting elections on the are, for the first time, immutably recorded through a smart-contract on the Tezos blockchain, a decentralized, public blockchain that evolves by upgrading itself through on-chain governance, adding a further level of transparency and security to e-voting systems.”


Neuilly-sur-Seine is a commune in the department of Hauts-de-Seine in France, located in the inner suburbs of Paris. 

Neuilly-sur-Seine was recently named the most expensive place to buy a property in France, possibly in part due to its location just one mile outside the La Défense business district, which is the largest economical center in Europe

Anyone who lives and works in Neuilly-sur-Seine can participate in the vote from 12 to 18 October. NeuillyVote is introduced as an anonymous and secure electronic voting solution, at the service of local decisions. 

The first vote will be low risk and small scale and will enable residents to vote online for the books they want to find in the Media Library.

The subject might sound insignificant, but this is the first milestone of a large-scale project. This first low-stake election lays the groundwork for a large-scale project, made possible by an innovative and highly secure solution. 

Next up will be film selections for the Le Village cinema, the dates for neighborhood renovation work and the opening hours of public facilities. All processes will be monitored and analyzed for further development to be able to scale up. 

Applying blockchain technology in democratic processes in real live events by official authorities is a huge victory and validation for blockchain technology and the Tezos blockchain in particular.

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