TezTok Launches Beta Live Feed Tool For Tezos NFTs To Help Users Track New Art & Individual Artists

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On June 26th TezTok announced that they had launched their new Beta live tool for Tezos art NFTs.

This enables users to seamlessly track new NFT drops in general and also track NFT drops from their favorite artists via the ‘Watchlist’ feature.


TezTok is an NFT data indexing tool that comes with its own easily accessible GraphQL API.

On TezTok the ‘…indexer aggregates and stores an event history for all tokens. Every time a new event occurs on a token, the indexer processes the event history and re-creates a token model along with listings, offers, tags, and holdings.’ 

In essence the tool can index and normalize NFT related data on the Tezos blockchain.

This means that the data concerning various Tezos marketplaces and NFTs on the Tezos blockchain can be easily fed through to the API, via the indexer, with a normalized output.

This allows developers to create external apps utilizing this more normalized output via the TezTok API, enabling savings on complexity and time.

The tool can be used for a variety of NFT data use-cases and developers in the ecosystem are free to use the service to create their own applications through the API.

Developers interested in using the tool can browse the documentation here, which features a GraphiQL Playground and some use-case examples to work with.

The TezTok team have created the live feed Beta tool, but have also created tools for various past Tezos art events like #TezosArtWeek, #Fear4Tez, #Tezos4Tezos and more.

It is expected a #1of1 tool / TezTok tool will be available for the big Tezos one of one event starting in the first week of July.

The TezTok Live Feed Beta Tool

In order to show the capabilities of TezTok, the team have been creating tools which feature various use-cases for the Tezos ecosystem.

On June 26th, TezTok announced that they had launched their new Beta live tool for Tezos art NFTs, enabling users to seamlessly track new NFT drops in general, and also track NFT drops from their favorite artists via the ‘Watchlist’ feature.

Some might say the TezTok live feed works in a similar way to how Tweetdeck does with Twitter, however the tool is specific to Tezos NFT art.

On Twitter, Tweetdeck allows users to create unique tweet feeds from the accounts that matter most to them, segmenting topics by filters and letting the user view multiple timelines of specific accounts in one easy interface.

This helps to keep topics organized and can help to keep monitoring Twitter efficient. 

On TezTok Live feed, users can create an NFT feed, using the filters that matter most to them, whilst also choosing specific artists/collectors to monitor, saving time, but also enabling opportunity.

It can help make the search for NFTs more efficient, especially when users have to scour many Tezos NFT platforms to find the right piece. 

It can also help with the visibility of all artists, as they will appear in the main TezTok default feed.

Collectors have the opportunity to spot something on the live feed that suits exactly what they are looking for visually, without having to be on every platform at the same time.

Using The TezTok Live Feed

Upon visiting the TezTok live, the user will be greeted by the default feed here:

This default feed includes all supported Tezos marketplaces and all primary mints and swaps (listings), with toggles to turn options on and off.

The TezTok live feed presently supports the following Tezos NFT platforms:


The user can sync their Tezos wallets to gain additional features, such as saved filters and watchlists.

This way if the user changes the default filters, they will be saved next time they sign in with their wallet.

Changing the filters, will change what type of feed the users will see.

For example, maybe the user is only concerned about viewing new primary swaps/listings on the Typed.art platform, in this case the user would setup the following filters:

Once the user has selected their filters, they can monitor the feed.

If something takes their interest they can click on the ‘View’ button to be taken directly to the NFT art.

This will take the user to the platform where the art is listed and where the exact art work they clicked to view will be shown.


One of the main features of TezTok is called ‘Watchlists’.

Watchlists allow users to monitor specific Tezos wallet accounts (artists/collectors) and have only those select accounts show in their feed at the click of a toggle button.

This is a useful tool for monitoring artists, so that the user can buy their mints as soon as they hit the market.

It’s also useful for monitoring artists that might mint across several platforms with the user not being sure where they will mint next.

Collectors may also want to draw inspiration from other collectors, looking at what they do.

For artists, it gives them the chance to be front of mind of their most avid collectors at all times.

This is especially useful for artists who have tried hard to build up communities, or connect with their collectors in some way.

For the Watchlists feature, users will find a toggle button.

If the user selects ‘Watchlists’ to be turned on, then the user’s watchlist will replace the default feed. If the user turns it off, the default feed with user-chosen filters will return.

The filters the user chooses within their watchlist will still change the feed depending on what they select with it toggled on.

The ‘Watchlist’ toggle option is at the bottom of the filters, and if the user is creating a watchlist for the first time, or wants to add new artist/collector accounts to it, then they will need to select the ‘Edit Watchlist’ option.

The user can edit their Watchlist by adding Tezos accounts of their favorite artists, or collectors that they want to track.

After this, the user will see their watchlist feed begin to show activity on the accounts they listed.

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