State Of Delaware Division Of Corporations Lists ‘Grayscale Tezos Trust’

by | Jan 21, 2021 | Adoption, Latest

Note From The Author – No official announcement has taken place, nor has the item talked about in this piece been confirmed by an official party.

State Of Delaware Division Of Corporations Lists Grayscale Tezos Trust (XTZ)

It has been discovered that on the State of Delaware Division Of Corporations website there is an incorporated entity named the ‘Grayscale Tezos Trust – XTZ’. It has not yet been confirmed as to whether Tezos becoming part of the Grayscale offering is official yet, or is the trust listing is legitimate.

The listing of the entity which can be found here by typing in ‘Grayscale Tezos’ states the incorporation date as the 18th December 2020 under the ‘Entity Kind’ as a ‘Statutory Trust’.

Grayscale have been making headlines in recent months after reporting assets under management of $20.2 billion after enjoying a record year.

Grayscale recently started the dissolution of the Ripple (XRP) Trust citing the SEC Law suit.

Grayscale whose parent organization is the Digital Currency Group is a digital currency asset manager and are the world’s largest asset manager for digital currency to date.

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