Tezos-based NFT Music Streaming And Licensing Platform Radion FM Is Open For Registrations And Enables Basic Features

by | Apr 19, 2021 | Latest, NFTs

The Tezos-based NFT music streaming and MP3 platform Radion FM is open for registrations and has enabled basic features. Users have already minted the first audio files using the website.


For an introduction to Radion FM, read this article (really recommend if you never heard about Radion FM before). Tldr; RadionFM aims to cut out the middle man in the music industry by enabling musicians to mint MP3’s on the Tezos blockchain with exclusive rights and music licensing.

Now music can be sold directly to the listener without the need of a third party: licensing and selling music is now registered directly on the Tezos blockchain. This makes the need for a third party unnecessary. Anyone can now be an independent artist.

Radion FM

Radion FM has been in development for a while now, starting out on Ethereum and making the switch to Tezos over a year ago. In February this year, an important milestone was reached: the minting of the first MP3 NFT on Tezos with exclusive rights and music licensing.

Today, the user interface is opened to the public with some of the first basic features available. Users can now register their account and connect their Tezos wallet. Musicians can now upload MP3s for streaming and create licensed NFT’s. Users can now also download music and pay with $XTZ.

Besides a place to discover new music, Radion FM will also be a place of financial interest for both parties. An interesting part of the new user interface is the Vote Room and NFT Marketplace.

This is where financial chances lay for both musicians and non-musicians. Music can be promoted there and up-voted. Additionally, people can invest in music in the marketplace. More about the economics of this part of the platform will be announced in a later phase development.

And yes, there will be a token: $RADIO. Stay tuned.

Here’s a tutorial of how to create NFT Music in RADION FM:

Audio Minting Is Taking Place

Audio minting is already taking place on the platform, as musicians start to create their own music NFTs:

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