TezAsia Hackathon Invites Builders To Create A Greener Future

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TezAsia is Asia’s largest Tezos hackathon with over $14,000 USD in prizes and $50,000 USD in potential grants Co-organized by TZ APAC, Tezos India, and Chainstack.

TezAsia challenges participants to devise solutions for a Greener Future.

TezAsia Key Breakdown

  • TezAsia is Asia’s largest Tezos hackathon with over $14,000 USD in prizes and $50,000 USD in potential grants 
  • Co-organized by TZ APAC, Tezos India, and Chainstack, TezAsia challenges participants to devise solutions for a Greener Future
  • Applications for TezAsia will open on July 26th, the month-long hackathon will cover three tracks: DeFi, NFTs, and Collectibles, or Tools and Wallets.

Singapore, 26 July 2021: TZ APAC, one of the leading Asia adoption entities supporting the Tezos ecosystem, has partnered with Tezos India and Chainstack to bring the largest Tezos blockchain hackathon to Asia.

Applications for the month-long hackathon, TezAsia, will open on July 26th. The hackathon challenges participants to leverage the  energy-efficient Tezos network to build solutions across three tracks: DeFi, NFTs and Collectibles, and Tools and Wallets.

TezAsia aims to help participants learn, grow, and excel in the blockchain domain. The hackathon will be held on the Devfolio platform and offer $14,000 USD in prizes across all tracks.

The top five projects will have the opportunity to receive follow-on grants of up to $10,000 USD each, allowing participants to take their projects to the next level. 

“Asia is brimming with promising talent that’s yet to be discovered. Through TezAsia, we’re looking to identify and support budding talents on their growth journey by equipping them with the platform and resources they need to create game-changing solutions.” – Katherine Ng, Head of Marketing and Operations at TZ APAC

TezAsia aims to foster future blockchain talent with training and mentorship programs that will not only support their journey with upskilling but also connect them with leading industry experts to tackle new challenges and pioneer innovative solutions.

Novices, advanced coders, students, working professionals, and blockchain enthusiasts from a wide spectrum of industries are encouraged to apply to kick start their blockchain journey through the Tezos ecosystem.

“Efficiency has always been a key priority at Tezos. Through TezAsia, we’re calling all participants to put their best foot forward to build transformative solutions that would address various sustainability challenges. Together, we can work towards building a greener future.” – Om Malviya, President, Tezos India

The TezAsia hackathon is made possible by the collaboration between TZ APAC, Tezos India and Chainstack.

Chainstack’s managed blockchain solutions for the Tezos network enables developers to deploy, manage, and scale their solutions across multiple staging environments.

“Chainstack’s mission is to make Web3 accessible to as many builders as possible. Our state-of-the-art blockchain infrastructure will enable TezAsia Hackathon’s participants to build, run, and scale their innovative blockchain applications, from experimentation to production, in an easy and cost-effective way.

This is just the beginning of a long-term collaboration, as we will soon be launching developer infrastructure and managed blockchain services for the entire Tezos Ecosystem.” – Alex Albano, Chief Growth Officer, Chainstack

Registration for the TezAsia Hackathon is now open to all at https://tezasia.devfolio.co/ and will close on 7th August 2021.

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