StoneAge: An Open, Interoperable, Decentralized 3D Metaverse Is Coming To Tezos

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StoneAge: An open, interoperable, decentralized 3D metaverse is coming to Tezos.

The initial land sale will be held on March 1, 2022.

StoneAge is a three-dimensional virtual world created, owned, and governed by its users. It uses its own native token $AGE.


StoneAge is a three-dimensional virtual world created, owned, and governed by its users. It uses its own native token $AGE.

StoneAge was designed by OriginXGames – a team of developers with a mission to build fun games and playable virtual worlds.

Initial Land Sale

The first land sale will be held on March 1, 2022. More information will soon be provided.

All initial landowners will receive $AGE tokens in March 2022, following the token launch.

StoneAge Land Parcels

StoneAge is made up of land parcels that exist as non-fungible tokens (NFT) on the Tezos blockchain.

  • Building on StoneAge
    StoneAge landowners completely control what can be built on their land parcels. They can use the StoneAge builder tool to build whatever they wish by simply selecting from a range of available voxels. The owner can also showcase NFT images on their land. No coding is required.


  • StoneAge Farming
    Each user’s land cultivates  $AGE tokens every hour as a reward to the owner based on the land’s farming rate. A land parcels farming rate is determined by the type of voxels that have been used to construct it. The rate can be increased by unlocking and using different voxels, which vary in rarity, supply, and price. The more the voxels are unlocked, the more rewards it generates and the more valuable the land can become. 
  • Trading on StoneAge
    A StoneAge land owner wholly owns the land represented by their NFT. They are free to do whatever they wish with it. They can build, hold, farm, transfer, sell or buy. The land is tradable on our StoneAge marketplace or any other marketplaces on Tezos, such as, that supports the StoneAge lands.


  • Atlas
    StoneAge also has an interactive map where the owner can upload logo images over the land parcels owned by them.

Cube Voxels
Voxels are the materials that are used to construct the virtual world. The value of each type of voxel varies depending on its level, rarity, initial supply, max supply, price per block, how much it can be unlocked for, and how much it can increase a land’s farming rate. More voxels will be released over time.

StoneAge Avatars
Each user’s avatar acts as an In-world representation of the player.

$AGE and Governance on StoneAge

$AGE is the main game utility token and will be used for the governance of the StoneAge world. $AGE is used to reward landowners for farming, depending on the land farming rate.

It can also be used to unlock more voxels to build upon a land parcel (this can also help to increase the farming rate). So $AGE can be used to get more $AGE. Increased utility of $AGE tokens can be decided through StoneAge’s governance mechanism.

With StoneAge, our vision is to offer a sharable, interoperable virtual world where people come together to build, play, earn and live in the metaverse.

We are working to make the StoneAge more and more interoperable to enable users to bring their NFTs from other communities and use it in the StoneAge world.

It is our mission to show that it is possible to build interoperable worlds and games.

We believe that metaverse should be open and accessible to anyone with minimal barriers to entry. StoneAge is a web-first metaverse accessible on any device that can support browser graphics. 

Join us on Twitter and Discord to stay up to date.

Welcome to StoneAge!

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