Over 60,000 USD Was Donated So Far Through The Tezos Stands With Ukraine Initiative

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Madfish Solutions And Tezos Ukraine in an effort to raise money for the Ukraine crisis set up the ‘Tezos Stands With Ukraine initiative’, which allows anyone to donate XTZ through Temple Wallet and Quipuswap’s “Stand with Ukraine” donation option.

Other Tezos donation initiatives have also received considerable amounts, with three efforts mentioned in this article receiving nearly $200,000 in donations.

The Ukraine Charity Initiative

Tezos Ukraine (organizer of one of the biggest hackathons currently on Tezos and creator of Tezos Giganode) and Madfish Solutions (Creator of Temple Wallet and Quipuswap) call on the Tezos community to support Ukraine in its fight for freedom. 

In an effort to raise money they set up the Tezos Stands With Ukraine initiative, which allows anyone to donate XTZ through Temple Wallet and Quipuswaps “Stand with Ukraine” donation option. 

From the donations, 80% of the funds will be sent to the foundation Come Back Alive, and the remainder will be used to provide personal help to individuals or groups of people who help civilians and the military all over Ukraine.

Come Back Alive

Come Back Alive is the biggest Ukrainian foundation helping Ukraine resist invasion. The foundation has been issuing reports on the used funds as of 2014 when Russia first invaded Ukraine.

Ukrainians have already donated more than $15 million to the foundation. The foundation has executed over 10,000 orders for the benefit of the Ukrainian armed forces.

The foundation has already suffered from centralized services: it started a Patreon page and raised nearly $500,000 a month but the administration suspended the fundraising campaign.

The foundation has been procuring munition for Ukraine’s armed forces since 2014. Additionally, they organize equipment repairs and run training programs for the military.

So far was reported that $53,607 in XTZ was donated (20 479.28 XTZ), from which $42,886 was sent to Come Back Alive, $9649 to the Territorial Defense Forces in Kyiv, and $1072 to the Territorial Defense Forces in Odessa.

If you want to donate, you can do so through the donation function on Temple Wallet and Quipuswap.

Other Tezos Ukrainian Donation Initiatives

There have also been other Tezos Ukrainian donation initiatives including the one setup by Versum and fxhash and supported by Objkt.com. So far, this donation contract has received 45,845 XTZ, worth over $137,000 at the time of writing.

Recently, XTZ.News also covered the fundraising event Ukrainian Art Bullets Against Russian Tanks.

These 3 initiatives has so far raised nearly $200,000 in funds for Ukraine.

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