OneOf Launches OnePass – A VIP NFT Membership To Unlock Exclusive Access To Iconic Music, Sports And Lifestyle NFTs, Experiences And IRL Benefits

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The OnePass includes an allowlist for OnePass holders to the biggest NFT Collections in Music, Sports, and Lifestyle including Muhammad Ali, Biggie Smalls, The Grammys, and more.

Users can upgrade for IRL privileges across 1.6m hospitality and retail partners.


OneOf the green NFT platform for music, sports and lifestyle — unveils the OnePass, a collection of 10K generative NFTs that give holders early and exclusive access to collection across music, sports and lifestyle.

It features an automatic allowlist to premiere OneOf drops, a rollout of free NFTs every year, loyalty rewards, members-only events and IRL privileges across 1.6 million partners in dining, nightlife, entertainment, travel and retail around the world. 

The OneOf Pass NFTs Allowlist will be announced on Monday June 13, with public mint available 24 hours later on Tuesday June 14.

Only 2600 passes will be available in the first mint.

No two passes are alike in this 3D-rendered NFT collection, each with a chance for a rare “Platinum” or ultra-rare “Diamond” edition pass that’s loaded with extra perks.

OnePass will be available to the public at a limited time price of $250 each, granting lifetime access, perks and rewards to OneOf marketplace.

In partnership with Select Card, the leader in premium concierge experiences, OnePass holders can also upgrade at mint time to the “OnePass IRL Bundle” for $100 more, which comes with a custom Titanium membership card and 1-year complimentary access to 1.6 million partners in dining, nightlife, entertainment, travel and retail around the world.

Lin Dai, Co-Founder & CEO of OneOf said:

“OneOf community is made up of fans across music, sports and lifestyle, who push us forward everyday in our quest to bring the next 100M mass consumers into Web3.

Ever since our launch a year ago, we’ve wanted to design a membership that rewards our most loyal community members. Expanding on the success of the OneOf Sports Pass and uniting our community around the OneOf roadmap across genres is the natural next step.

OnePass is a thank you to our community that will reward new and existing members both in the metaverse and IRL in ways unmatched by any other NFT collection.” 

OnePass holders will be granted lifetime pre-sale access, perks and rewards to highly anticipated collections starting immediately in June and beyond, including Muhammad Ali, Biggie Smalls, TLC, Sports Illustrated, Grammys, iHeart, Pitbull, Doja Cat, GloGang, and many more.

A sample of the upcoming collections can be found in the recently released OneOf roadmap. For a limited time, existing 2022 Sports Pass holders can elect to upgrade to the OnePass for FREE. 

A pioneer in environmentally-sustainable “Green NFTs”, OneOf is proud to mint on multiple proof-of-stake blockchains.

The OnePass will be available to minted as EITHER a Tezos NFT or Polygon NFT at the member’s choice, making it the first-ever multi-chain generative NFT collection, putting the power of choice fully in the hands of the community.

Both versions of the pass will come with the same benefits and rewards on the marketplace.

As always, purchases on can be made using credit and debit cards, or major cryptocurrencies including XTZ, ETH, BTC, MATIC and USDC.

A brief list of benefits of the OnePasses are listed below, for details please visit

OnePass Benefits

  • Early + exclusive access to collections across music, sports & lifestyle 
  • Automatic Allowlisted to premiere OneOf drops
  • 4 FREE members-only NFTs per year
  • Invite to Virtual + IRL Events
  • Private Discord Channel with Exclusive Giveaways
  • Discounts, Merchandise, and more

Platinum OnePass Benefits

  • All standard pass benefits
  • Less than 10% rarity NFT traits and design
  • 4 Additional FREE NFTs per year
  • VIP Invites to Virtual & IRL Events

Diamond OnePass Benefits

  • All platinum pass benefits
  • Less than 1% rarity NFT traits and design
  • Private telegram channel with key OneOf team & founders
  • Private invite to quarterly dinners or masterminds around the world with OneOf founders

OnePass IRL Bundle Benefits

  • All benefits for the corresponding pass tiers
  • Custom Titanium membership card
  • 1-year complimentary access to concierge service, discounts, perks and privileges at 1.6 million partners in dining, nightlife, entertainment, travel and retail around the world, provided by OneOf partner Select Card.

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