Minteed Choose Tezos To Launch ‘ArtTech’ Platform That Propels Artists And Cultural Institutions Into Web 3.0

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Minteed, a French ArtTech start-up, raises €3m (Seed) with the strategic and financial support of the Fnac Darty Group. Co-founded by Thierry Jadot, Jodouin Mitrany, and Eric Loreal.

Minteed announces the creation of its Blockchain and Web3.0 technology platform entirely designed around the needs of creators and cultural industries.


Minteed, a French ArtTech start-up, raises €3m (Seed) with the strategic and financial support of the Fnac Darty Group.

Fnac Darty Group is a multinational electrical retailing company headquartered in Ivry-sur-Seine, France. They operate 957 stores across the world, have over 25,000 employees and host over 27 million visitors on their e-commerce sites including Darty and Fnac every month (on average).

Minteed, Co-founded by Thierry Jadot, Jodouin Mitrani and Eric Loreal, has announced the creation of its Blockchain and Web 3.0 technology platform entirely designed around the needs of creators and cultural industries.

In a market that is already worth nearly 40 billion euros, Web 3.0 and the Metaverse are a major revolution in the world of art and culture.

The environment remains complex and barriers still need to be removed to unlock the full potential of this transformation.

Minteed aims to accelerate the adoption of Blockchain technology by creators and collectors by providing them with a reliable, easy-to-use, eco-friendly technological platform, to enhance the value of all talents and facilitate encounters with their audiences:

 ● Minteed is developing its own technological suite based on Tezos, a 3rd generation Blockchain, which is notably carbon neutral and low energy consuming, by the means of :

○ A Web-3.o-as-a-Service “Mint 1 ” and “Smart contracts” solution, making Artwork tamper-proof, immutable, and ensuring their authenticity.

○ A dedicated Gallery generator, which is a veritable digital showcase allowing designers to better manage their sales, highlight their collections and animate and engage their communities internationally.

● Minteed generates NFT associated with numerous physical and digital utility and experience attributes.

● Minteed provides support for artists and art professionals throughout the entire creative process, including determining publications and schedules, controlling scarcity and pricing, targeting audiences, exclusive management of rights holders, contractual aspects, publishing, and community management and engagement.

Thierry Jadot, Chairman and Co-founder of Minteed commented:

“We’re very proud to launch this new technological platform that is aimed at art and culture enthusiasts.

Minteed has a key role to play in aiding the development of a digital world that is more respectful of artists and that protects their rights.

Having some of the most powerful French cultural players by our side from the start, such as Fnac, is for us not only a guarantee of the strength of our model but also the best way to develop the massive adoption of a more responsible Web 3.0 for cultural industries and art lovers alike.”

Much More Than A Marketplace

Much more than a marketplace, Minteed is developing a digital gallery generator and Metaverse dedicated to all players in the field of culture (cultural institutions, artists, rights holders, collectors, galleries).

With this one-of-a-kind platform, Minteed aims to promote and protect creation and cultural heritage.

Born with the ambition of becoming a trusted third party for artists and collectors in the Web 3.0 era, the platform allows them to create, protect and highlight their works, and offer their communities an experience in various cultural fields such as painting, architecture, design, music, drawing, photography, comics and mangas.

Minteed has raised a first (seed) fundraising round of 3 million euros with the support of Fnac Darty, a strategic partner and key investor, as well as other players in the media, culture and tech sectors.

On the investment into Minteed, Enrique Martinez, Executive Director of Fnac Darty said:

“Committed to the fight for the plurality of culture, both in its digital and physical forms, we renew our pioneering commitment to support creators in the promotion of their works on all available channels thanks to our investment in Minteed, as we did in the past with e-commerce.

We are extremely excited to collaborate with Thierry, Jodouin and Eric, and are convinced that their expertise in the cultural and technological ecosystems will allow to federate a strong community and enrich the omnichannel experience of our clients and members.”

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