Kalamint To List Native Token ‘Kalam’ On Quipuswap On The 3rd Of June

by | May 25, 2021 | Adoption, Latest, NFTs

Kalamint to list native token ‘Kalam’ through Quipuswap on the 3rd of June. Kalam tokens are expected to be the governance tokens of the platform.

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The ‘Kalam’ Token

Kalamint has just announced the listing their native token: KALAM token. From the 3rd of June, KALAM will be available on the Tezos-based decentralized exchange Quipuswap.

Tokenomics and functionality will be announced in a later blog yet to be released by the Kalamint team, but KALAM tokens are expected to be the governance tokens of the platform.

Additionally, holders who stake their coins are expected to be able to make proposals to The Guild and receive a percentage of the Fees of every sale on Kalamint.


Kalamint sets itself apart in the way it builds a quality community of minting artists and in the way it battles plagiarism.

Kalamint is what is known as a curated market. Like a gallery. This means that there is an authority on the platform that decides who can become an artist and that can act when there is a case of (suspected) plagiarism.

In Kalamint, this authority can be reformed by the majority. Kalamint is set to be a decentralized quality gallery. The authority is the guild and is formed by creators, collectors, and wardens.

Creators and Collectors can:

  • Vote to add members to the Guild
  • Vote to remove members of the Guild
  • Suggest and vote on platform features
  • Suggest and vote on reward mechanisms
  • Screen artists who can mint and transact on Kalamint (verify artists)

Wardens will hold the following decision-making rights:

  • Suggest artists to Guild members for verification
  • Suggest verified artists to be removed from the platform
  • Suggest Guild to be modified, pending vote from the Guild
    Kalamint will have a

“Zero Plagiarism Policy — We value the work that any artist does dearly and will not permit any form of copyright infringement in the platform”

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