Japanese Exchange “GMO Coin” Adds XTZ To Its Tsumitate Crypto Asset service

by | Jan 20, 2021 | Adoption, Latest

Prelude – XTZ is added to Japanese exchange crypto asset service.

Tezos Gets Added To GMO’s Tsumitate Crypto Asset Service

More Tezos news from the Asian region. Japanese exchange GMO Coin Inc has added XTZ (Tezos) to their “Tsumitate Crypto Asset” service.

Tsunitate Crypto Assets is a service that allows you to automatically purchase a fixed amount of crypto assets, every month on a fixed day.

This allows investors to buy assets spread out over a longer period and reduce the effects of price volatility.

This is an investment strategy that is called Dollar-Cost Averaging (DCA).  

GMO Coin listed XTZ in December last year on their exchange after the recent whitelisting of XTZ in Japan.

 GMO Coin was the second exchange that listed XTZ in December. BitFlyer, the largest exchange in Japan listed XTZ a week earlier. 

Being whitelisted in Japan is not easy to pull off. Most of the requests to whitelist a project are rejected.

Hence there is only a small number of cryptocurrencies available on Japanese exchanges.

This means that this is a valuable step for worldwide adoption of Tezos.

The whitelisting and the listing on bitFlyer are the results of a collaboration between Tezos Japan, Tezos Commons and TZ APAC.

These are two of many organizations that work to grow the Tezos ecosystem and to encourage adoption in Asia-Pacific regions.

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