HERE & NOW 4 Launches Mid February

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BEETS is proud to present the fourth edition in his wildly successful and groundbreaking interactive art series HERE & NOW.

Artists including: Nate Hill, luluxxx, Henrik Uldalen, Matthew Plummer-Fernandez, SyberWeerd, Rose Jackson, and Al Crego will be featured in Edition 4.


BEETS is proud to present the fourth edition in his wildly successful and groundbreaking interactive art series HERE & NOW.

Built on the clean NFT Tezos blockchain, the project has showcased both emerging and established artists including Sutu, Rubenfro, Tim Maxwell, Jenny Pasanen, and many more. 

Edition 4 is no exception and we’re proud to announce that Nate Hill, luluxxx, Henrik Uldalen, Matthew Plummer-Fernandez, SyberWeerd,, Rose Jackson, and Al Crego are the next featured artists in Edition 4.

HERE & NOW 4 is proven with 3 previous successful editions

Hailed as one of the leading and proven projects on the Tezos blockchain. HERE & NOW is known for its constant innovations and fresh approach to experiencing art in the metaverse.

Each edition has sold out on release and the art, exclusive to token holders, sells out quickly.

HERE & NOW is not an online art gallery but an interactive journey inspired by the artworks displayed and there is simply nothing else like it on the blockchain.

Beets commented:

“Instead of replicating white wall galleries, we can do anything virtually with web 3.0. HERE & NOW was designed to be an experience, a journey for collectors to not just see fresh art but to experience the art, to be in it.

For me the closest comparison is the work of Team Lab meets immersive theatre.” 

We’ve redesigned the art experience from the very first step: the Entry Tokens.

The Entry Token to the experience is much more than just a ticket, it’a generative 1/1 piece of art that holds value.

Always innovating, H&N 4 is set to deliver another first of it’s kind experience – The Passage.

The Passage is a new immersive platform that challenges the idea of what minting could be in the metaverse. An interactive minting experience that generates each NFT in real-time, where the audience’s choices and journey affect the design and traits of their Entry Token.

At the end of the experience their creation will be unveiled and it will be automatically minted to their wallet. As an added bonus, anyone who has past Entry Tokens will get added traits and choices inside the experience.

Beets added:

“Like in immersive theatre, we want the visitor to go on a unique 1/1 experience where their decisions make up the fabric of the Entry Token, creating a personalised experience, a collaboration between the collector and the generative artist” 

H&N 4 Entry Token will be designed by the genius that is Mactuitui (@mactuitui). Previous Entry

Tokens have been created by pioneering generative artists: Shvmbldr (see edition 2 tickets):

…And Liasomething (see edition 3 tickets):

Building Community and Supporting Artists

At the very core of HERE & NOW is the support it gives to both establishing and emerging artists. HERE & NOW has always sold out with impressive sales for all the artists involved (HERE & NOW takes no commissions from the art sold inside the experience).

There is also an artist in residency program which currently has 4 amazing artists who are supported with their work featured in Edition 4.

HERE & NOW is also developing cross-community collaborations and building fun little surprises for any holders of Tezzards, Neonz, and Gemz inside the experience.

Pushing art experiences to the next level

HERE & NOW doesn’t just stop there. The H&N team is constantly evolving and adapting the project with additional experiences even after each edition is released.

Past events have included the very popular Escape Room games built inside the experience, treasure hunts, and even live film screenings.

There is even a pixelated game that’s been created by PiXL that will have side quests and airdrop rewards. Simply put there is a lot of value for a 15tz Entry Token.




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