Exploring NFT Art On Tezos (Part 4) – GoldCat

by | Apr 12, 2021 | Latest, NFTs

Barry O’Hearn carries on his brand new series exploring NFT art on Tezos. In this series, he will be speaking to the artists behind the NFTs. Part 4 covers GoldCat and her eerily haunting artwork.


In part 4 of the XTZ News NFT artist series, we continue our mission to become better acquainted with some of the talented NFT artists that are embracing Tezos. After following GoldCat (@originalGoldCat) on Twitter and becoming an admirer of her work, I reached out to her and she agreed to meet virtually for a short text based virtual interview.

Her extraordinarily thoughtful and forthcoming responses provide some unique insights that help us to better understand the NFT artist’s perspective, specifically as it relates to Tezos. You can find GoldCat’s Tezos minted work on both Kalamint and HicetNunc.

Her black and white images are captivating, eerily haunting, and thoroughly enjoyable! Hopefully, we will continue to see more of GoldCat’s work in the future as she further establishes herself as one of the premiere NFT artists in the Tezos community.

Please tell me a bit about yourself and your art.

Hi, I am a freelance fantasy illustrator from Germany. I spent the past 4 years drawing elves and monster concepts for game developers and authors.

Whereas I am grateful for my clients, my dream is to finally pursue my own vision, explore my personal art style and focus more on my development as an artist. So, one month ago I created the alias GoldCat.

I started displaying my own works on twitter and met many art friends along the way. The feedback has been overwhelming, and I am finally feeling excited to create art again!

Why did you decide to create NFTs on Tezos?

Being a digital artist, I was super excited about the possibility to make original artworks using NFTs. This was a technological advancement that changed the game completely.

The only downside? The carbon footprint that comes with mining Ethereum and other Cryptocurrencies. In comes Tezos, the first proof of stake blockchain I found that had a working NFT platform.

I tried it, I made my first sales, and met a bunch of great and helpful people answering my every question patiently. 

What do you like most about creating NFTs on Tezos?

I love that Tezos removes the pressure of selective minting. Being new in this space we need to learn, experiment, and make mistakes. This is so much harder when every transaction costs 100$ in gas fees. I see the attractiveness that comes with low gas fees for both artists and collectors.

How do you envision the evolution of NFTs specifically related to art?

I believe there will be big development in the showcasing options and themed gallery spaces. Currently, it’s one big sea of all styles and directions and curating is difficult. 

The existing platforms will get more competition, so first movers need to secure their place by listening to artists and collectors. It will be interesting to see who will do this best.

Big corporates will try to buy their way in, too, put NFT artists under contract, who should be wary. In any case, I really hope that the art market will keep on being treasured by the crypto community, even as new digital products enter the space. 

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